Safety glass cut to size: 5 ideas

safety glass boat window

Polycarbonate is a popular choice for safety glass. This material is extremely strong, it’s actually 250 times stronger than standard glass, making it the perfect choice if you are looking for customised safety glass for vandal-resistant applications. In this blog, we give you 5 ideas for using this type of cut to size safety glass.

# 1. Tailor-made patio canopy made from safety glass

A patio cover made of customised safety glass allows you to sit outside all year round. By making the canopy with polycarbonate sheets, there are no worries about falling roof tiles causing damage as this type of safety glass is virtually unbreakable. A further advantage of using polycarbonate as safety glass instead of ordinary glass is that it is only half as heavy and therefore easier to install. Do you want to make a patio canopy with custom safety glass? Read the tips in our DIY: make your own patio canopy.

# 2. Cut to size safety glass for a greenhouse

Are you looking for cut to size safety glass for your greenhouse? Polycarbonate is highly recommended for a homemade safety glass greenhouse as there is virtually no risk of your greenhouse being damaged by hailstones or flying branches. Machining polycarbonate is also very easy. You can saw, drill and mill this plastic sheet material without any difficulty. Polycarbonate as a safety glass is also an ideal material to use for a carport or windshield.

sawing polycarbonate

# 3. Safety glass cut to size for vandal-proof boat windows

Since polycarbonate safety glass is highly resistant to impact, it can also be used to prevent vandalism or break-ins. In other words, cut to size safety glass is very suitable for those looking for vandal-resistant boat windows. Our range of tinted polycarbonate sheets includes 5 mm thick polycarbonate sheets, ideal for replacing boat windows.

boat window safety glass

# 4. Replace the glass of an overhead door with custom polycarbonate safety glass

Does the glass of your overhead door need replacing? Opt for burglar-resistant security glass cut to the exact size you need – transparent polycarbonate is a perfect choice for safety glass doors. You can see through it just as well as through a traditional windowpane, the material is UV resistant and most importantly, it’s safe! You can’t just kick in a window made of polycarbonate.

overhead door safety glass

# 5. Protecting a tabletop with cut to size safety glass

In the home, it can sometimes be more suitable to use safety glass instead of traditional glass. Consider, for example, protecting your table from children’s splashing. Because polycarbonate is very impact-resistant, the material is also ideal to use for a safety glass table top, whether indoors or for a garden table. Further advantages of polycarbonate are its lightness in weight, its clarity and that it’s very fire-retardant.

polycarbonate table top safety glass

Buy plastic safety glass cut to size

Are you looking for cut to size security glass but you don’t know what thickness of polycarbonate you need? Consult our free thickness aid. In our range of clear polycarbonate sheets, opal white polycarbonate and tinted polycarbonate sheets, you will find sheet material in colours and thicknesses suitable for a wide range of applications. Browse the full range and order the panel that best suits your project. Don’t forget, we cut this type of safety glass to size for you free of charge.

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