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Everything you need to know about 2 mm acrylic

With the 2 mm acrylic sheets from Plasticsheetsshop, you can let your creativity run wild. Heat the sheet and create a modern acrylic bowl, or turn it into an interesting ant farm!

Applications for 2 mm acrylic

Thanks to its excellent machinability and product properties, acrylic is widely used for glazing, for example, for secondary glazing.

Types of 2 mm acrylic

There are two types of acrylic available: cast and extruded. The difference between the two is that cast acrylic is simply cast, but extruded acrylic is then rolled out. As a result, there is greater stress on extruded acrylic, which causes it to break more quickly during processing.

Processing options

Would you like to process your acrylic sheet yourself, for example by drilling, milling, sawing or cutting? Then choose the cast acrylic variant. This is subjected to less stress than extruded acrylic. Extruded acrylic will simply break faster if you process it further.

Properties of 2 mm acrylic

The most important property of acrylic is that it is no less than 30 times stronger than normal glass and half as light! Because acrylic is also UV-resistant, it is widely used as glazing.

Maintenance of 2 mm acrylic

Keep your acrylic sheet clean by cleaning it with a mild household cleaner in combination with a soft microfibre cloth.

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