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Brushed aluminium Dibond®: Everything you should know about it

Brushed aluminium Dibond® sheets have a particularly beautiful appearance, are very easy to work with, and are extremely lightweight. This is due to the combination of the light PE core and the thin outer layers of brushed aluminium. Brushed aluminium Dibond® sheets are also moisture resistant, making them very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. On this page you can read everything you need to know about these Brushed aluminium Dibond® sheets.

Simply order your made to measure A-quality brushed aluminium Dibond® sheets in any desired shape on the relevant product page. We will then immediately get to work for you, so that your order can be delivered as quickly as possible.

What are the different names of brushed aluminium Dibond® sheets?

A brushed Dibond® sheet is an aluminium composite sheet with a brushed surface. You might also know this panel as a ‘brushed ACP’. This can also be referred to as the same type of aluminium composite panel as Alupanel with Butler finish.

In the block below you will find all the different names of these sheets at a glance.

Name Chemical abbreviation Alternative names
ACP / Dibond® ACP - ALU/PE Alubond
Aluminium Composite Panel
Aluminium Sandwich Panel

What types of brushed aluminium Dibond® are available?

In our wide range you will find different colours of brushed aluminium Dibond®. You can choose from the particularly beautiful and elegant colours of aluminium, copper, bronze, gold and black. All of these variations are available in a thickness of 3 mm.

Did you know …,
that the brush strokes of brushed aluminium Dibond® are always applied in the longitudinal direction of the panel?


This panel is UV-resistant, lightweight, easy to print on and process. This combined with the great appearance of the panel, opens up a world of possibilities. That is why you can find these panels used for both indoor and outdoor advertising applications. You will see them used for facade cladding, displays and billboards. This panel is also suitable as a kitchen splashback. ACP/Dibond® will immediately add a stylish look to any room, and it is so easy to apply. Watch our handy video, which explains how to best apply this panel in your kitchen step-by-step.

What are the processing options for brushed aluminium Dibond® panels?

Brushed aluminium Dibond® panels are easy to process. Some examples of processing options are sawing, milling, gluing and drilling. If you want to glue brushed aluminium Dibond®, we recommend using the quality adhesive from the Bostik brand.

What are the properties of brushed aluminium Dibond®?

Brushed aluminium Dibond® sheets have unique properties. The brushed outer layers give an exceptionally attractive effect. You can also feel this when you run your hand over the sheet, the brushed aluminium finish has a light and gentle texture. This makes this version more scratch-resistant than smooth Aluminium Dibond®. Beyond that, however, the properties of the sheets are the same as for standard Aluminium Dibond®. We have listed these properties for you below:

  • Weather resistant
  • Versatile material
  • Aesthetic/ elegant appearance
  • Durability for over 30 years
  • Easy to maintain
  • Moisture resistant
  • Frost resistant

How do I care for brushed aluminium Dibond®?

Brushed aluminium Dibond® is very easy to care for. You can simply clean the sheet with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. In our blog you can read an article about how to clean Dibond® (Brushed aluminium Dibond®, Aluminium Dibond®, ACP aluminium composite panels).

How do I order brushed aluminium Dibond® sheets made to measure?

You can order your brushed aluminium Dibond® sheet in the following simple steps:

  • Select product > Go to the product page of the desired brushed aluminium Dibond® sheet.
  • Enter the desired number of sheets and dimensions > Enter your desired shape and size, as well as the number of sheets in the calculator. Or upload your own drawing (DXF file) if you want a very specific shape!
  • Standard - Add edits > You can even add drill holes or a recess in the sheet!
  • Order > Add the brushed aluminium Dibond® sheet to your shopping cart, and directly order!

Your order will then be delivered as soon as possible. These brushed aluminium Dibond® sheets even come with a protective film on both sides.

If you are still undecided about which brushed aluminium Dibond® sheets you would like for your project? Then first order a sample! You can do this conveniently via the product pages of the brushed aluminium Dibond® sheets that you are interested in.


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