HPL sheets (high pressure laminate)

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Everything you need to know about HPL

HPL has made huge advances in the construction world in recent decades and is now indispensable. It is primarily known as plastic cladding.

HPL designations

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a sheet that consists of pressed wood fibres that are laminated with phenolic resin top layers. The wood fibres are compressed under high pressure and at high temperatures. This explains the “High Pressure” in the name. In our range, you will find our own brand HPL sheets as well as from the Trespa® brand.

HPL applications

Thanks to their weather-resistance and sturdiness, HPL sheets are widely used for outdoor applications such as wind springs, exterior cladding and gable tops. You also see them a lot in sanitary facilities and kitchens, because the material is water-resistant.

Types of HPL

Our HPL range can be divided into our own private label and Trespa® brand sheets. The quality of our own brand and the Trespa® HPL sheets is almost the same. The biggest difference is in the diversity of the product range. Trespa® offers more choice in terms of designs and finishing options. In addition, our own brand is more favourably priced and available in more thicknesses and more colours. The final difference is that our house brand HPL sheets have a harder top layer than the HPL sheets from the Trespa® brand.

Learn more about the differences in our blog: HPL vs Trespa®: what’s the difference?

Variants and colours


Regarding the thickness, you can choose from HPL sheets ranging from 3 to 20 millimetres. All HPL sheets can be cut to order.


We supply HPL plates in white, cream, black, grey, brown, yellow, red, blue and green. Do you want to know for sure if the colour of the sheet is suitable for your project? Request a sample.

Processing options

HPL sheets are easy to work with hard steel tools, such as a metal saw and drill. You can paint, drill, saw and mill the material. Keep in mind that HPL expands or shrinks faster than other plastic sheets. Need more advice on processing HPL? Our product specialists are happy to assist you with DIY advice.

Properties of HPL

HPL plates have a very compact core of compressed wood fibre and rock-hard synthetic resin top layers that are UV-resistant. Moisture does not penetrate these strong sheets so they will retain their appearance for more than 30 years.

Maintenance of HPL

Thanks to its dense top layers, dirt does not adhere, making these sheets very easy to clean. We offer handy maintenance kits for cleaning HPL.


Our range of HPL laminate sheets includes sheets from quality brand Trespa®, as well as our own wide range of private label HPL sheets. Our high-quality sheets are competitively priced and available in the colours: white, cream, black, grey, brown, yellow, red, blue and green. The sheet thickness ranges from 3 till 20 millimetres and you have a choice between a smooth or textured surface. You can order your sheet tailor made to your required size, because we cut all sheets to size. Learn more about HPL and Trespa® sheets at the bottom of this page.

HPL: an indispensable plastic

High pressure laminate is a plastic that consist of pressurised wood fibre laminated with phenolic resin top layers. The wood fibres are pressed together under high temperature, that is how it got the name ‘high pressure’ laminate. HPL is a material that has been applied more and more in the construction industry over the last decade. And, at this point, it is inconceivable to imagine the interior and exterior construction sector without HPL material. One of the best-known manufacturers is Dutch company Trespa®.

HPL sheets are applicable in all kinds of weather conditions. Moisture will not penetrate the top layer and the surface is completely UV resistant. Dirt can’t affect the dense surface, which makes HPL sheets extremely easy to maintain. For cleaning HPL / Trespa® sheets, we stock several, practical cleaning sets with soft cleaning brushes and mild shampoo. HPL is both functional and decorative: the sheets are available in various colours and designs. Have a look at the full range in our online shop and you will find smooth and textured sheets in both neutral and vibrant colours. All sheets will be cut to size, so your HPL sheet will be tailor made to fit wherever you need it to. Naturally, you can also work on the HPL sheets yourself. With the right equipment you can accomplish any sawing, milling and drilling.

The characteristics of an HPL sheet

HPL and Trespa® sheets have a very dense core with a rock-hard synthetic resin surface making the sheets unpliable and exceptionally tough. The plastic is therefore often applied as vandalism proof construction material. Breaking or damaging an HPL sheet takes an extreme amount of force: the sheets have a remarkably high point load. And even scratching the surface of the sheet is very difficult. HPL is a heavy material with a specific weight of 1400 kg per m3. It is important to keep this in mind when mounting HPL sheets vertically, the weight of the sheets need to be sufficiently supported. For fastening HPL sheets you can use strong adhesives and screws.

Due to the molecular density of the top layer, dirt, algae and grime will hardly stick to the surface of the sheet. The same goes for paint and graffiti. This is another reason why HPL is so useful as a vandalism proof material. It is possible to paint your HPL façade; with the right preparations and the proper primers HPL and Trespa® sheets are suitable for painting. Of course, it would be easier to order the sheets in your desired colour straight away. In our online shop you we a choice of fifteen colours with a sheet thickness of at least 6 mm. All our HPL sheets are UV resistant and suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. Even when used outdoors, the sheets and colour will remain intact for more than 30 years. Both sides of our private label HPL sheets are evenly coloured. This is not the case for the Trespa® sheets, they usually have one coloured side. Indoors, HPL material is often used in sanitary facilities, such as bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

In terms of the characteristics (density, pliability and workability) there is no difference between Trespa® sheets and our own private label HPL sheets. And both versions have fire class D, they are not fire retardant.

A variety of choices

In our range you will find two versions of HPL sheets: our private label HPL and Trespa® HPL sheets. With regards to quality, there are no differences, the main distinction lies in the price. The private label HPL sheets are more competitively priced and we stock a larger range of sheet thicknesses and colours. The white HPL sheets come in a sheet thickness ranging from 3 till 20 millimetres, whereas the 14 coloured sheets are all 6 mm thick. When it comes to Trespa® sheets, you can choose from three colours in 6 or 8 mm thickness. The private label HPL sheets are available in thicknesses: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm.

Working with HPL / Trespa® sheets

HPL is a lot like hardwood when it comes to its workability. The sheets are easy to handle but only if you use the proper equipment and solid do-it-yourself machinery. It is important to keep in mind that HPL expands and shrinks slightly more than other plastic sheets. So, remember to leave a little room around the edges of the sheet, especially when placing the sheet outdoors. We recommend a 10-millimetre seam around all edges of the sheet. If you have any questions about this, our specialist customer service team will be happy to assist.

You can fasten HPL sheets by using a screw connection or an adhesive bond. In our online shop you can find special HPL / Trespa® screws that match the exact RAL colour of each sheet. Using the same colour screws makes them almost invisible. Also leave room for the sheet to expand around the screws, this will prolong the lifespan of the sheets. If you decide on an adhesive bond, make sure to use a strong adhesive that will always remain flexible.

Applications of HPL / Trespa® sheets

As a result of the most distinguishing features of HPL, most people associate the material with outdoor applications. HPL sheets are weather resistant and super strong, this is why the material was originally used as maintenance free exterior wall cladding, like fascia boards and cladding panels. HPL is sometimes called ‘hockey board’ as a result of the material being used as billboards around sport fields and ice rinks. HPL is so impact resistant that not even an ice hockey puck can damage the surface. Nearly all static outdoor billboards are made from HPL material and the advertising world and sign makers have embraced HPL as a practical and useful material.

HPL and Trespa® sheets are making a slow, but steady, advance on the interior design business. Many hygienic areas already have HPL walls and worktops, for example: laboratories, hospitals and institutional kitchens. Even in sanitary facilities, HPL sheets are the number one choice. Many public bathrooms, dressing rooms and swimming pools have HPL surfaces. It is safe to say that HPL / Trespa® is implemented in a diverse range of sectors and still it is possible to make each area look unique. The wide range of colours and designs leave room for personal taste and an original twist.

HPL / Trespa® Production method

HPL sheets consist of two core materials: craft paper and wood fibres. These materials are impregnated with synthetic resin and compressed into the desired form, this process creates the dense and compact core of the sheets. The next step is applying the top layers. These layers contain decorative coloured paper. This paper is impregnated with melamine resin and compressed under high pressure, resulting in a top layer that is about 0.8 mm thick. Both sides of the sheet are covered with these top layers. Again, the materials are compressed under high pressure and high temperature until one (laminated) sheet comes out. Each company uses its own unique method to create the end product. The different production methods mainly show in the appearance and the price. When it comes to the characteristics of the material, such as the strength, there is not much difference between HPL sheets.

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