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Everything you need to know about 8 mm acrylic

Whether you are looking for balcony glazing or a new windbreak, with 8 mm acrylic sheets you can be sure that every job will be a success! These strong sheets can be used for so many different purposes.

Applications for 8 mm acrylic

The possibilities offered by acrylic seem endless. In no time, you can make a canopy for a door, clock, or a room divider from these 8 mm acrylic sheets.

In our range, we offer two types of acrylic. Cast and extruded acrylic. Cast acrylic is cast into a flat sheet, but extruded acrylic is rolled into the desired size after casting. Therefore, there is greater stress on this sheet, and it cracks or tears more easily during operations such as drilling.

Processing options

If you want to process your 8 mm acrylic sheet by, for example, sawing, cutting, milling, drilling, engraving or (hot) bending, we recommend using cast acrylic. Extruded acrylic is less suitable for this purpose due to the high internal stress. It is possible, but be extremely careful not to let the sheet crack or break.

Properties of 8 mm acrylic

Our 8 mm acrylic is up to 30 times stronger than normal glass, and half as light. This makes it very suitable as glazing, also because the clear acrylic lets as much as 92% of light through. Acrylic has a class B1 fire rating. It is therefore suitable as glazing, but not fire-resistant.

Maintenance of 8 mm acrylic

Acrylic sheets are easy to maintain, but you have to take into account the scratch sensitivity of the sheets. To clean acrylic, use a mild household cleaner. If you use sponges, brushes or abrasives such as Cif, you will cause small scratches in the material. The sheet will quickly become dull as a result. 

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