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Everything you need to know about 6 mm acrylic

Whatever job you need an acrylic sheet for, with the 6 mm acrylic sheets from Plasticsheetsshop, you definitely know that you are getting a high-quality and durable acrylic sheet. For example, turn it into a shower partition or a DIY loft door!

Applications of 6 mm acrylic

Our acrylic is UV-resistant. As a result, you can use it for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can turn 6 mm acrylic sheets into a handy windbreak, or front window.

Types of 6 mm acrylic

There are two types of 6 mm acrylic, namely cast and extruded acrylic. The difference is in the manufacturing process. Cast acrylic is simply cast in the right dimensions, but extruded acrylic is rolled into the right dimensions after casting. As a result, extruded acrylic breaks or cracks faster under higher pressure.

Processing options

So if you want to process an acrylic sheet, we recommend a cast sheet. You can easily saw, cut, mill, drill, engrave and (hot) bend it, minimising the risk of tearing or cracking.

Properties of 6 mm acrylic

The most important property of acrylic is that the material is at least 30 times stronger than ordinary glass, and twice as light! Acrylic melts at a temperature of 160° Celsius. That is why the material has a class B1 fire rating. It is suitable as glazing for public locations, but not as fire-resistant glass.

Maintenance of 6 mm acrylic

Maintain your acrylic sheets easily with a mild household cleaner and a soft microfibre cloth. Sponges, brushes and abrasive cleaners like Cif create small scratches in the material, making it dull quickly. We recommend using an antistatic agent, so that the acrylic does not attract dust.

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