Replacing the glass above a door: three easy steps

Transom windows above doors are found in many modern homes. These small windows above the door allow natural light into spaces without windows. But sometimes you don’t want daylight to get in, for example, in your bedroom. Luckily, it’s easy to replace the skylights with an opaque panel, so you’re no longer bothered by unwanted light. We recommend HPL, white acrylic sheet aluminium panels for transom window coverings. These types of plastic sheet don’t let light through and are available in a wide range of colours.

To replace interior transom windows, you’ll need:

Step 1: Remove the window over your door

To find out the size of the plastic sheet you need, you need to remove the glass pane from the window frame before you measure it. First, remove the left and right glazing bead with a flat screwdriver. Then press the glass vertically downwards so that the springs are pressed into the frame. The upper glazing bead, which is against the ceiling, will loosen. Tilt the glass forward and take it out. You can now measure the pane. Measure the length, width and thickness of the glass.

Step 2: Order the plastic sheet to cover the transom window

Now that you know the measurements required, order your plastic sheet. View the range of HPL, acrylic and aluminium sandwich panels in our webshop and choose a panel in the same colour as your frame. Of course, you can also go for a contrasting colour if you prefer, such as matte black acrylic or brushed aluminium. Ensure that the plastic panel’s thickness is the same as that of the glass pane, as this will make light work of replacing your transom window.

Step 3: Replacing the transom window with a plastic panel

Once you have received your custom-cut plastic sheet, you can replace the glass above your door. Then light getting in will no longer be a problem. Mount the new ‘window’ above your door as follows:

  • Place the bottom glazing bead on the sheet and place the sheet at an angle in the frame, so that the springs are pressed in.
  • Bring the panel up into a perpendicular position and release, so that the panel is pressing against the ceiling.
  • Now, you can press the left and right glazing bead back into the frame, and your interior transom window is covered!

Transom window coverings: ordering plastic sheet online

Do you want to replace an interior transom window with an opaque panel? In our webshop, you’ll find HPL, Alupanel and acrylic in various colours and thicknesses. We saw all sheets to size in any shape you require. If you have questions about this job or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.