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Everything you need to know about Bostik adhesives and primers

Plasticsheetshop offers a wide range of Bostik sealants and primers suitable for bonding plastic sheets to one another or to another surface. The advantage of bonding plastic sheet material is that no irregularities are created on the top layer.

Appearances matter, and glueing ensures a neat result. In addition, plastic sheet without irregularities is easy to keep clean. Plasticsheetsshop has a carefully selected range of Bostik sealants and primers to get you started, well-prepared with the right equipment.

Bostik: international market leader in innovative adhesive methods

Originally American, the Bostik company has existed for more than 100 years and, from day one, has constantly worked on developing new technologies and innovations to achieve the very best product. They started in the shoe industry producing waterproof boots, among other things, but the chemical department has expanded massively over the years. Today they are the global market leader in the field of fixing sealants.

The Bostik product range: professional quality

Bostik’s extensive catalogue includes everything from bonding adhesive to wallpaper glue. Plasticsheetsshop has selected relevant products from this wide range to ensure that our customers can easily order the right products for their projects. That is why you will find three types of fixing sealants and various types of primers in our webshop. Our blog contains several articles about bonding different plastics.

Bostik adhesive

Our range of Bostik bonding adhesives consists of three types: Seal’n’bond Premium, Bostik Paneltack and Bostik Hightack.

Seal’n’bond is a multifunctional mounting adhesive suitable for bonding PVC, acrylic and polycarbonate to various surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, plaster and insulation boards. In general, bonding with Seal’n’bond requires a primer to pre-treat the surfaces.

Paneltack has been specially developed for bonding Trespa® and HPL panels to each other or to substrates such as wood and aluminium. For optimal sealant adhesion, it’s advisable to pre-treat these surfaces with a primer.

Finally, we offer Bostik Hightack in our webshop. Hightack is a sealant suitable for bonding PVC, acrylic and alupanel. We recommend first using a primer for PVC and alupanel.

Bostik primers

Using a primer may be necessary to improve adhesive adhesion. With every adhesive we offer, we clearly explain which materials we recommend using a particular primer. You will find the required primers for all plastic projects in our range.

When using Seal’n’bond sealant to bond acrylic, polycarbonate and foam board or Hightack sealant when bonding alupanel, Bostik Prep K primer is the best choice for preparing the bonding surfaces. If you use Seal’n’bond or Hightack for rigid PVC, choose primer Prep M. Finally, we have primers for preparing surfaces when using Bostik Paneltack fixing adhesive. Use Primer SX Black for pre-treatment of wooden surfaces and Bostik Paneltack primer for aluminium surfaces.

The applications of Bostik

The Bostik products in our range can be used for a wide range of materials. Perhaps you are now asking yourself for which applications it is best to use an adhesive rather than other fixing methods. Consider, for example, renovating a bathroom by installing an acrylic or HPL shower wall. This gives the bathroom a fresh, new and modern look, and it’s a shame to spoil the smooth surface with drill holes and screws.

Another example is refurbishing the kitchen by installing an alupanel splashback. Alupanel is a robust and lightweight plastic, so only a small amount of Hightack sealant is needed to bond the panel to an existing (tile) wall. Finally, a third example is the strong attachment needed for HPL or Trespa® facade cladding. Use Bostik Paneltack adhesive and the appropriate primers to prepare the surface.

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