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Everything you need to know about Bostik adhesives and primers

In our online shop you will find a wide range of Bostik adhesives and primers, that are suitable for gluing plastic sheets to each other and to alternative surfaces. Using an adhesive to attach a plastic sheet gives the advantage of an uncompromised surface, leaving the surface smooth so dirt has no chance of piling up. Additionally, it makes the sheet easy to clean. offers a carefully selected range of Bostik adhesives and primers, making it as easy as possible for you to combine the right adhesives, primers and materials.

Bostik: The international market leader in innovative adhesive methods

The American company Bostik was founded over one hundred years ago. From the very start, they have focused on innovative technologies to create the best products. They didn’t start out in the adhesive sector. At first, they produced shoes and water-resistant boots. Over the years the chemical department of the company expanded massively to become the world market leader that it is today.

The Bostik product range: professional quality

The Bostik assortment consists of all manner of adhesives and glues: they produce everything from mounting adhesives to wallpaper glue. To help our customers choose the right product for their job, Plasticsheetsshop has made a relevant selection from Bostik’s extensive range. Therefore, you can find three different adhesives and several primers in our online shop.

Bostik adhesive

Our range of adhesives includes three different kinds: Bostik Superfix 009Bostik Paneltack and Bostik Hightack. Superfix is a multipurpose adhesive that is suited for gluing PVC, acrylic and polycarbonate to a variety of surfaces; like wood, metal, glass, plaster and insulation panels. Generally, the surfaces do not have to prepared with a primer when applying Superfix adhesive.

Paneltack is especially designed for gluing Trespa® and HPL sheets to each other or to a surface like wood and aluminium. For an optimal result and a strong adhesive bond, it is recommended to pre-treat the surfaces with a primer.

Finally, there is the Bostik Hightack adhesive. Hightack is an adhesive that is suited for gluing PVC, acrylic and aluminium composite panels. When working with aluminium composite, we strongly recommend treating the surfaces with a primer.

Bostik primers

The use of a primer can be necessary to ensure a strong adhesive bond. A primer enhances the glue connection between materials. In the product texts of each adhesive, we explain exactly which primers to use for certain materials.

Bostik primer Prep K is required when using Superfix adhesive to glue acrylic, polycarbonate and foamboard. Or, when using Hightack adhesive to connect aluminium composite panels. For mounting solid PVC with Superfix or Hightack, you’ll need to pre-treat the surfaces with Bostik primer Prep M. Finally, there are primers for pre-treating the surfaces when using Bostik Paneltack. The first is Bostik SX primer for treating wooden surfaces and the second is Bostik Paneltack primer for treating aluminium surfaces.

The applications of Bostik

The Bostik products in our online shop are widely implementable. You might be wondering when and why you should use an adhesive instead of other attachment methods like screws. There are several reasons to choose an adhesive bond over a screw connection. For example, when you are renovating the bathroom and want to place an acrylic or HPL shower screen. This is an easy method to quickly give your bathroom a fresh, new and modern look. It would be a shame if the smooth surfaces are disrupted by holes and screws. In this case, using Bostik Superfix adhesive is the best choice. Another example is placing a kitchen splashback with a few dots of Bostik Hightack adhesive. You can easily place an aluminium composite panel over the existing tiles. The end result will be a smooth and easy to clean splashback. The third, and last, example is replacing wooden exterior wall panels with HPL or Trespa® sheets. You can use Bostik Paneltack adhesive with the matching primers to place the HPL sheets over old facia boards, making it an easy and fast job. By using an adhesive, you will create a smooth look and there will be no visible screwheads where dirt can accumulate.

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