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Cleaning plastic sheets is not a difficult job, on the contrary most plastic sheets are easy to maintain as long as you use the right products. For example, acrylic plastic is a static material that will attract dust. Cleaning it with Burnus anti-static plastic cleaner, will reduce the static load and keep the sheet dust-free for a longer period of time. HPL exterior cladding panels don’t require a lot of work, but a regular cleaning is always recommended. In our online shop you will find several cleaning brushes that are suited for cleaning the high, hard to reach corners of your exterior cladding boards. The soft hand brushes make cleaning the lower parts of the exterior wall cladding a piece of cake. Use these brushes in combination with Kenotek brilliant wash shampoo for a sublime and long-lasting result.

Getting the job done: cleaning plastic sheets

Generally, cleaning your plastic sheets isn’t hard to do. Of course, you need to make sure that you are using the right cleaning products and tools. Some plastics benefit from a special plastic cleaner. Does your acrylic or polycarbonate sheet look dull and you can’t clean it off? You might want to consider polishing the sheets to get them crystal clear again. You can find all polishing products in our online shop.

Plastic cleaners

Keeping your plastic clean is important, often this is an easy job to accomplish. Some plastics have a static load and keep attracting dust. You can reduce this static load by treating it with an anti-static cleaner. This product will clean and preserve the plastic, keeping it clean for longer. If you use Burnus plastic cleaner, you will not have to wipe down your polycarbonate or acrylic sheet every day to remove dust. Continuously wiping the acrylic sheet can cause small scratches and dull spots. Plastic sheets that regularly come into contact with water, like fascia boards or shower screens, can benefit from plastic cleaner Kenotek. Kenotek is a mild plastic shampoo that thoroughly cleans the sheet and leaves behind a protective wax layer to prevent moisture and dirt from penetrating the top layer.

Cleaning sets

One of the main reasons that HPL cladding panels are preferred over wood and other materials, is HPL’s low-maintenance quality. It is recommended to clean the exterior sheets at least once a year. A job that many people dread because of the high, hard to reach areas of the house. To help you tackle this job, we provide specialised cleaning sets. Which set you need, depends of the difficulty of your job. All three sets consist of a 12-litre bucket with a large diameter that fits all our brushes and a hard-wearing, ergonomic sponge. The brush in each set is different: the basic set has a soft hand brush; the regular set has a cleaning brush with a 170 cm pole and the deluxe set contains a cleaning brush with a telescopic pole that can reach up to 275 cm high.

In addition to these professional cleaning products, we also stock a wide range of plastic polishesadhesives and fasteners.


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