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Everything you need to know about cleaning plastic

Cleaning plastic doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you use the right equipment. For example, acrylic is a static plastic that attracts dust quickly. Antistatic cleaner from the Burnus brand cleans and prevents the plastic sheet from quickly attracting dust. HPL facade parts require little maintenance, but it is advisable to clean the plastic regularly. You will find various brushes in our range suitable for cleaning high, hard-to-reach facade parts. Soft hand brushes are ideal for reaching the lower, more accessible facade parts. Combine these products with the Kenotek cleaning agent while plastic cleaning for a perfect result.

Are there any stubborn stains or minor scratches on your HPL panel? Then use the Melamine Power Sponge; it works deep into the surface without adding detergent.

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Cleaning plastic is relatively easy. But of course, it’s essential to use the right cleaning products. Some plastics benefit from a special cleaning agent. If there are dull spots in plastics, such as clear acrylic or polycarbonate, you need more than soap and water to make the plastics clear again. In this case, it’s best to polish the plastics.

Plastic cleaners

Cleaning plastic is important, and using the correct cleaning agents is essential. For example, some plastics, such as acrylic, are static and therefore attract dust. Burnus antistatic cleaner cleans and treats the acrylic, so it stays clean for longer, and the static charge decreases.

The antistatic effect of this product is very powerful, so once you have treated the acrylic with Burnus, you don’t have to wipe it daily. This helps prevent slight wiping scratches that may occur. Plastic parts that often get wet, such as facade parts or shower walls, benefit from the soft plastic cleaner Kenotek Brilliant Wash. This cleaning agent cleans thoroughly and leaves a protective wax layer on the plastic, so dirt and water do not adhere readily.

Maintenance kits

Maintaining plastic facade cladding requires little work – this is the most significant advantage of an HPL facade panel compared to wood. However, annual cleaning is recommended, and this can be challenging due to the height and tricky angles. For this job, we offer the facade brush with a telescopic handle. The complete maintenance kit offers a hand brush, Kenotek Brilliant Wash detergent and sponge. The ergonomic, durable sponge is comfortable to hold and is very absorbent. Read more articles about cleaning plastic on our blog.

In addition to products for cleaning plastic, we also offer everything you need to glue and assemble plastic.


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