How to make a DIY toilet roll holder

Would you like to make a stylish DIY toilet roll holder which also holds magazines? All you need is a transparent acrylic sheet and a few basic items from your local hardware store. In this blog, we’ll show you how to make your own toilet roll holder stand that’s not only practical but also enhances your bathroom with its sleek, minimalist look.

To make a homemade toilet roll holder, you’ll need:

The basics of making an acrylic toilet roll holder

We’re using a 6 mm thick clear acrylic sheet with dimensions 115 cm x 16 cm in this demonstration. To create a storage space for magazines or books in the toilet roll holder, bend the acrylic in three places. Of course, you can alter the measurements of your toilet roll holder as you wish. Maybe you’d prefer to make it in a colour that suits your decor rather than transparent acrylic? View our range of acrylic sheets for a wide choice of colours and finishes. Be sure to order a cast acrylic sheet, as the extruded version is more difficult to work with and less suitable for bending.

Step 1: Order the acrylic sheet for your toilet paper holder

Before you can make your toilet roll holder, the first step is to buy the materials. Order the transparent acrylic sheet in our webshop, and we will cut the panels to size for you. All you have to do is bend the acrylic and purchase your toilet roll holder and spare toilet paper holder at your hardware store.

Step 2: Heat and bend the acrylic in the correct place

To form the top and bottom of your toilet roll holder, you need to bend the acrylic. Bending acrylic sheet is best done using a heat spiral because it heats more precisely than a paint dryer. If you don’t have a bending machine and you’re going to use a paint dryer? You’ll find some handy tips in our blog: “Bending acrylic.” Mark lines where you’re going to bend and then bend the acrylic in three places. Be sure to allow enough space to attach your toilet roll holder.

Step 3: Attach your toilet roll holder and spare roll holder

Have you finished bending your DIY toilet roll holder? Now, attach your pre-purchased toilet roll holder and spare toilet roll holder with adhesive strips. Your toilet holder is now ready for use! Place it in your toilet or bathroom and add the finishing touch with your favourite magazines.

Tip: Clean your acrylic toilet roll holder with an anti-static cleaner. This prevents your toilet roll holder from attracting dust, and it stays looking beautiful for longer.

Would you like to make a plastic toilet roll stand yourself?

In our webshop, you will find clear, tinted and coloured acrylic in a range of thicknesses. We saw all sheets to size for you and ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible. If you have a question about this blog or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.