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Everything you need to know about HPL Trespa®

Trespa® is one of the most famous manufacturers in the field of HPL panels. The brand is loved for its maintenance-free façade coverings, such as plastic fascia boards and wind springs. The HPL panels consist of a wood fibre core that is compressed under high pressure, giving the core the same properties as hardwood. The outer sides of an HPL sheet are finished with a phenolic resin top layer, which is rock hard and virtually unbreakable. This makes Trespa® resistant to moisture, UV radiation and changes in temperature.

Applications of HPL Trespa®

HPL panels from Trespa® have been specially developed for outdoor applications. Consider, for example, plastic cladding of buildings, fences, billboards and plastic fascias. HPL is also an inspiring material for interiors. For example, you can use the panels as a shower wall or splashback in the kitchen or build your own unique desktop.

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Types of HPL Trespa®

We offer a wide range of HPL Trespa® (Meteon® and Izeon®) sheets cut to order. You can order the panels in the 6 mm thickness. The colours range from anthracite to pine green.

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Working with HPL Trespa®

Working with Trespa® is comparable to working with hardwood. Use hard steel tools, such as a metal saw and drill. You can paint, drill, saw, glue and mill HPL or Trespa®. Always bear in mind that this material expands or shrinks faster than other plastic materials.

Properties of HPL Trespa®

  • Chemical resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Shockproof
  • UV resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Lifespan 30 years

Maintaining Trespa® sheet

The great thing about Trespa® HPL plates is that this material requires almost no maintenance. With the right maintenance kit, cleaning the panels is a piece of cake. Thoroughly clean your HPL exterior cladding at least once a year. This way it keeps looking beautiful and has a serviceable life of at least 30 years.

Handy hint:

The best detergent for cleaning HPL exterior cladding is Kenotek Brilliant Wash. This mild shampoo removes all dirt deposits in an instant. The shampoo is self-drying and leaves a protective wax layer on the plastic.

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In our online shop you will find HPL Trespa® sheets cut to size. We offer sheets from their Meteon® line in a thicknesses of 6 mm. Trespa® is the best-known brand that creates HPL sheets and we stock several colours. Our large range of private label HPL sheets also offers many colours and thicknesses. Read more about the characteristics of Trespa® sheets below the products on this page.

Trespa® – the brand

Dutch manufacturer Trespa® is market leader worldwide when it comes to HPL (High Pressure Laminate) sheets. This manufacturer single-handily helped HPL to become the popular construction material it is today. They pioneered in production techniques and styles. sells Trespa® sheets in the thicknesses of 6 mm. All Trespa® sheets can be cut to size and will be ready for delivery as soon as possible.

Trespa® is a Dutch brand and the head office of this international giant is situated in the town Weert. In the sixties the manufacturer successfully launched their first line of HPL sheets. They kept their success going by constantly reinventing and renewing their product and product lines. No other HPL manufacturer has such a large range of colours and designs. Trespa® creates regular sheets, metallic sheets, wood designs and many other surface designs.

Characteristics of Trespa® HPL sheets

Trespa® sheets have a dense, rock-hard synthetic resin top layer that makes the sheets unpliable and very tough. Trespa® is often used as vandalism proof material, because it requires an extremely high point load to damage or break the sheet. The top layer is scratch and UV resistant and it will keep its appearance and colour for over 30 years. Trespa® is a heavy material with a specific weight that varies between 8.5 kg per m2 (sheet thickness 6 mm) till 18.2 kg per m2 (sheet thickness 13 mm). It is important to keep this in mind when mounting Trespa® sheets vertically: the weight of the sheets need to be sufficiently supported. For fastening Trespa® sheets you can use strong adhesives and screws.

Due to the molecular density of the top layer; dirt, algae and grime will hardly stick to the surface of the sheet. The same goes for paint and graffiti. This is another reason why Trespa® is so useful as a vandalism proof material. It is possible to paint your Trespa® façade; with the right preparations and the proper primers Trespa® HPL sheets are suitable for painting. Of course, it would be easier to order the sheets in your desired colour straight away. All our HPL sheets are UV resistant and suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoors, HPL material is used in sanitary facilities, such as bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

Trespa® products

The extremely wide selection of Trespa® sheets can be divided into four product lines: Trespa® Meteon®, Trespa® Izeon®, Trespa® Athlon® and Trespa® Virtuon®. In our assortment you can find Trespa® Meteon® sheets with a sheet thickness of 6 mm. The maximum available sheet size for these sheets is 230 x 100 centimetre. Of course, we can cut the sheets to your desired size. Trespa® sheets are a slightly more expensive than other brands of HPL sheets, but this difference definitely shows in the quality and durability of the top layers. The top layers of the Trespa® sheets have a slightly textured look which gives them a high quality and natural appearance.

A brief history of Trespa®

In 1960 the company Thermopal started the production of HPL sheets in the town Weert. A year later the first HPL sheet was marketed and it turned out to be a success. Thermopal started to invest in new products and production techniques. The most important development happened in 1963: the now famous Trespa® sheet was created. This sheet was such a huge success that the company decided to change their name to Trespa®. With this product and the new name, Trespa® soon became worldwide market leader. They have managed to remain market leader all this time by constantly innovating and renewing their products and methods: better products, more colours, more designs and more finishes. This is what sets Trespa® apart from all the other companies and manufacturers.

The difference between Trespa® and HPL sheets

Many companies manufacture HPL plastic, Trespa® is just one of them. When it comes to the quality of the sheets our private label HPL sheets are virtually the same as Trespa® sheets. The main difference between Trespa® and other manufacturers is the size and diversity of their assortment. Additionally, Trespa® has developed important production techniques which show in the quality and finish of the sheets. An advantage of our private label HPL sheets are that they are more competitively priced compared to Trespa® sheets. 

Applications of Trespa® sheets

Trespa® sheets, like HPL sheets, are characterised by their tough and hard top layer. Trespa® was originally designed to replace wooden sheets and planks in construction. The material rose to fame in the seventies by becoming a popular replacement of fascias and roof edges. Trespa® is completely weather proof and is impenetrable for moisture, which is why it is so suitable for exterior panelling. Now even the advertising world seems to notice this practical property of the material: Trespa® is the ideal choice for outdoor advertising and billboards. The sheet keeps its appearance and won’t get damaged when a frustrated football player kicks a ball against it. Trespa® advertising signs are even capable of taking a hard blow from an ice hockey puck. That is why Trespa® signs are known in the advertising industry as ‘hockey boards’.

More recently, Trespa® sheets have become popular in the interior design business. Mainly as walls and worktops in hygienic areas, for example: laboratories, hospitals and institutional kitchens. Even in sanitary facilities, HPL sheets are the number one choice. Many public bathrooms, dressing rooms and swimming pools have HPL surfaces. Interior designers are using Trespa® left and right. Thankfully, there are many colours and designs to make each project unique. 

Producing Trespa®

Trespa® sheets consist of two core materials: craft paper and wood fibres. These materials are impregnated with synthetic resin and compressed into the desired form, this process creates the dense and compact core of the sheets. The next step is applying the top layers. These layers contain decorative coloured paper. This paper is impregnated with melamine resin and compressed under high pressure, resulting in a top layer that is about 0.8 mm thick. Both sides of the sheet are covered with these top layers. Again, the materials are compressed under high pressure and high temperature until one (laminated) sheet comes out. When it comes to the characteristics of the material, such as strength, there is not much difference between the HPL sheets of different manufacturers.

Ordering HPL Trespa® sheets

When you order white HPL Trespa® sheets from us, we will cut them to size. Bear in mind that the thickness can deviate approximately 10%. You will receive the order as soon as possible and we will send updates about the status of your order via email.


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