How to convert a van into a camper with plastic

If you’re planning to convert a van into a camper, plastic is the ideal material. And if you’re wondering how much it costs to convert a small van, don’t worry as all our tips are budget-friendly! In this blog, we’ve rounded up some ideas for plastic applications that are perfect for your converted camper van.

Choose a durable table and kitchen top for your camper van

You’re going to want to use as many impact and scratch-resistant materials as you can for your camper van conversion. And durability is another critical point to consider- you don’t want to have to replace everything after a year or two. A tabletop and a kitchen worktop made from HPL are good examples of using sustainable materials in your camper van. This material is moisture resistant, sturdy and very durable. And even better, we’ll saw your HPL panels to size in any shape you need. A round, oval or rectangular top for your table, a worktop with recesses or rounded corners, the options are endless. If you have an old wooden tabletop that’s still serviceable but scruffy-looking, why not cover it with a 4mm thick HPL panel? It’s an easy and affordable way to give your table a completely new look.

Plastic table top HPL

Install secondary glazing in your camper with acrylic sheet

Are you thinking of installing secondary glazing in your camper van? Clear acrylic sheet insulates well, reduces noise, is affordable and easy to work with. You can learn more about this topic in our blog, “Making your own acrylic windows”. And another advantage is that we’ll saw the acrylic to size for you in any shape you need. So a window with rounded corners presents no problem. If you want to remove your secondary windows easily, for example, during warm weather or to clean them, you have the option of attaching them with a magnetic frame.

Create a kitchen splashback in your van.

A mini-kitchen is essential for every camper van. Our tip is to install a splashback behind the sink – easy to clean, and it also looks great. HPL, acrylic and aluminium panel or Dibond® are all suitable materials for this project. These plastic sheets are easy to clean, durable and come in a wide range of colours and finishes. We discuss the advantages of each material in our blog, “Plastic wall panels and splashbacks for a beautiful kitchen”.

Van conversion to camper van splashback
Convert van into camper kitchen
Van conversion to camper van alupanel drawers

Add a skylight to your camper

When you’re converting a transit van into a camper, it’s nice to have plenty of natural light. It not only makes your camper van look more spacious but also improves ventilation, essential to prevent mould and rust. And of course, it’s pleasant to have some fresh air on a rainy summer’s summer night, and you can gaze at the stars from your bed. The best option is to install a skylight in the roof. Transparent acrylic sheet or polycarbonate are ideal materials for this project. Make sure you read up on it before you start and find out how to make sure your skylight’s completely watertight. You’ll find more inspiration in our blog: “Creating a skylight in a canopy.

Convert van to camper van window in roof

More handy ideas if you are going to convert a van

When one of our customers was renovating the kitchen in his camper van, one of the changes he made was to move the built-in refrigerator. He made a new cover from 12 mm hard PVC and created new drawers using plywood with a front panel made of Alupanel. This gives the kitchen a stylish, contemporary look. You can also use acrylic sheet to cover the doors of kitchen cabinets. You’ll find more tips about this in our blog, “Customising kitchen cabinets: 3 budget-proof ideas”.

Converting a van into a camper yourself

Are you going to convert a van into a camper? In our webshop, you’ll find all the supplies and materials that you’ll need, from acrylic sheet to HPL panels custom-cut in any shape you require. If you have your own design, for example, if you want to have the sockets milled, upload it as a DXF file. Do you have any questions about this blog or our products? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.