Make your own DIY shelving with acrylic sheet

Would you like to add shelves to a cupboard or make a storage shelf for books or pictures? It’s easy to make DIY shelving with acrylic sheet. HPL panels and acrylic sheet are equally suitable for this project. In this blog, we’re going to explain how you can easily make a simple shelf to install on a wall or fit in a cupboard.

Making DIY storage shelves: requirements

  • Acrylic sheet or HPL panel cut to size
  • Two shelf supports of your choice
  • A drill

The basics of making DIY shelving

When making closet shelving or wall shelves, the first things to consider are the measurements and the thickness you need to order. If you’re planning to use acrylic to make a sturdy wall shelf, it’s advisable to use a sheet at least 10mm thick. But if you’re making closet shelving, a sheet 5mm thick will often be adequate. With HPL shelving, you must also adjust the thickness according to the measurements.

Making DIY wall shelving

For a shelf mounted on a wall, all you need is a custom-cut acrylic or HPL sheet, two attractive shelf supports and a drill. In our example, we assume that you’re using acrylic sheet to make your shelf. If you’re using HPL, check out our blog: “Drilling HPL: 5 frequently asked questions” or follow the steps in the post ”Making a desktop with HPL”. Choose acrylic in a colour that complements your decor: clear, tinted, fluor or coloured. Thanks to acrylic’s light-conducting properties, the edges of the neon shelf (shown in the photo below) light up automatically.

Self shelving shelf fix shelf supports
Even make shelf end result

Making DIY closet shelving

Do you want to use acrylic to make shelves in a cupboard, such as a display cabinet? In this case, all you need are shelf supports. We’ll cut all the sheets for you in any shape you like. Read more about using acrylic sheet in this way in our blog: “Making an acrylic display cabinet”.

DIY closet shelving

Making a DIY shelving unit with custom-cut acrylic

Has our blog inspired you to make your own acrylic shelving? You’ll find acrylic sheet and HPL panels in a wide array of colours, finishes, and thicknesses in our webshop. We cut all sheets for you in any shape you like. If you have any questions about this blog or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!