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Everything you need to know about Makrolon®

Makrolon® is an A-brand in the world of polycarbonate sheets. This polycarbonate material has been specially developed for outdoor applications. Makrolon® combines all the good properties of polycarbonate together with properties for outdoor use. Makrolon® is UV-resistant and has been tested intensively against various extreme weather conditions.

Makrolon® properties

Makrolon® is the brand name for specially developed polycarbonate sheets. Many of the properties of polycarbonate also apply to Makrolon®. Where Makrolon® distinguishes itself from standard polycarbonate is that Makrolon® was developed specifically for outdoor applications. Take all the great properties of polycarbonate, such as impact-resistance and transparency, and add some more special properties. Makrolon® has for example; a high UV resistance and tolerates both very low and very high temperatures from -100 up to +115 degrees Celsius. Makrolon® also offers excellent outside sound insulation, and has a long lifespan even with intensive outdoor use.

Applications of Makrolon® sheets

For outdoor applications where a high impact resistance is required, Makrolon® is a great choice. Examples include; a boat window, a door canopy or a basketball sign. In our blog you will discover many more ideas for cool applications. All applications in our blog that are suitable for polycarbonate are also suitable for Makrolon® polycarbonate.

Thicknesses and colours

The clear Makrolon® is available in 3, 4 and 5 mm thicknesses. This clear Makrolon® is up to 90% translucent, depending on the chosen thickness of the material. If you are looking for an impact-resistant sheet that does have colour, we recommend you take a look at our standard polycarbonate sheets.

Processing possibilities

Makrolon® can be processed in the same way as regular polycarbonate. We recommend using the same tools as you would for working with metal. Make sure, of course, that the tools are sharp, and do not use cutting oil. For milling or drilling, we recommend using a carbide tipped drill bit. When hot bending Makrolon®, it is important to make sure the sheet is dry first, otherwise bubbles of moisture may enter the material during bending.

Ordering Makrolon® sheets to size

You can order Makrolon® easily and quickly on the product page of your chosen sheet. You simply fill in your required dimensions, and order! It is also possible to order Makrolon® in a standard or custom shape. For a custom shape, upload a DXF file with a drawing of your shape. Don’t know yet how to make a DXF file? No problem. We have lots of handy videos which walk you through the whole process. This way you don’t have to work with tools yourself, but you’ll receive your new Makrolon® perfectly cut to size at home.

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