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Frosted acrylic sheets: everything you need to know

If you want to replace glass with a less fragile material, the special ‘frosted’ acrylic sheet variant can be an attractive alternative. This is actually standard acrylic, but made from 100% recycled acrylic and then sandblasted. This post-processing gives the sheet its frosted look, the matt texture that many people find so attractive, especially in bathrooms or kitchens.

Frosted acrylic offers plenty of option variations. You can choose from around 5 thicknesses and colours with us. We also have different versions in our range. For example, we sell clear ‘frosted’ sheets with a beautiful colourless matt look, but also in white, opal white and black colour variants. All variants are UV and moisture resistant. Especially in the clear variant, the material appears to be uniformly frozen, like a frozen car window.

Would you like us to cut the sheets to size for you? We will be happy to do so. If you specify the desired dimensions when ordering, we will take care of it for you.
We will then ship your order quickly and securely packaged.

Did you know…
Frosted sheets owe their matt look to sandblasting?

What are the different names of frosted acrylic?

Frosted acrylic is also known as ‘satin’. This refers mainly to the sandblasting finish and the satin look it gives the material. The term ‘matt sheets’ is also used for this reason.

What types of frosted acrylic are there?

Above, we have already mentioned the different variants. We can add that our frosted acrylic is from the brand; Greencast®. So you can be confident that this product is made from 100% recycled material. Since these are cast (GS) sheets, you can also process them really easily yourself.

What can you use frosted acrylic for?

Because of its frosted look, this type of acrylic sheet has a unique, stylish appearance. This makes the material extremely suitable for specific applications with an aesthetic touch, such as privacy glazing, door canopies and lampshades.

Want to create a bathroom wall with lots of privacy? Then frosted sheets are ideal! They let light through, but you can’t see through them.

Comparable colours and thicknesses

In our product range, you will find frosted acrylic in clear, white, opal white and black colours. You can choose from over 5 thicknesses between 3 and 10 mm.

Did you know…
You see a lot less dust and fingerprints on the white, opal white and clear sheets?

How can you process frosted acrylic?

Frosted acrylic is generally very easy to work with. For example, you can saw, mill, engrave, polish, paint, letter, print, turn and glue it. Would you like to hot bend the material? That is also possible, but don’t start without experience and an oven so you can pre-dry the sheet.

Furthermore, frosted acrylic is only suitable for lasering to a limited extent. Clear and (opal) white acrylic cannot be processed with a diode laser, only with a CO2 laser. With white frosted sheets, you have to be careful around the edges, otherwise the laser will quickly cause burn marks.

Mounting frosted acrylic

Mounting frosted acrylic sheets is basically a simple job. To start with, you can use screws with nylon washers for this. You can also join frosted acrylic to another acrylic or polycarbonate with Acrifix adhesive. Finally, you can fix frosted acrylic sheets with High Tack Premium H980 mounting sealant. Please note that the sheets are translucent, so the adhesive may be visible. For our frosted acrylic sheets, you can also work with spacers and panel holders.

Like glass, you can join frosted sheets with hinges or clamps. We will be happy to make any necessary cut-outs for you.

What are the properties of frosted acrylic?

Most of the properties that apply to standard acrylic also apply to frosted acrylic. But there are also differences. Although frosted sheets are partially translucent, you cannot see through them because of the matt finish. The material is strong and resistant to moisture, frost and UV rays. There are various colours and thicknesses. The material is low maintenance and recyclable and will last at least 30 years. The sheets have a protective film on both sides.

Did you know that…
Greencast frosted acrylic is made of 100% recycled acrylic?

How do I maintain frosted acrylic?

If frosted acrylic gets a little dirty or dusty, you can fortunately clean it very easily. But because the top layer has been reworked to get the frosted effect, you have to handle it with care. So, do not use glass cleaners or aggressive detergents, but a soft cloth and a mild detergent. This will have your frosted acrylic clean in no time.

Acrylic naturally attracts dust because it is somewhat static. By regularly going over it with an anti-static cloth and anti-static cleaner, you can largely prevent this.

How do I order frosted acrylic sheets?

You order your frosted acrylic sheets in a few simple steps:

  • Choose product Go to the product page of your frosted acrylic sheet of choice
  • Enter desired dimensions Enter your desired shape and dimensions in the calculator. Or, if you want to order a very specific shape, upload your own (DXF file) line drawing.
  • Add ready-made instructions Here you can add drill holes or a cut-out from your sheet!
  • Ordering Add the frosted acrylic sheet to your shopping basket, and order now!

Your order will always be delivered quickly. All packages are carefully packed. The frosted acrylic sheets are even provided with a protective film on both sides.

Not sure yet which frosted acrylic sheets you want? Then first order a sample! You can do this via the product pages of the frosted acrylic sheets you are interested in.


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