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Everything you need to know about 4 mm acrylic

With our 4 mm acrylic sheets, you can let your creativity run wild. We offer this sheet in many different colours and finishes so there is a great match for every job.

Applications for 4 mm acrylic

At Plasticsheetsshop, you can find a suitable acrylic sheet for every job. Use for example, this 4 mm acrylic sheet as the tabletop of your garden table, or windbreak!

Types of 4 mm acrylic

In our wide range, you can choose various colours and finishes, including: opal white, satin, frost and (budget) clear. Our budget acrylic is extruded acrylic. This is less easy to process because it is rolled after casting. There is therefore more stress on this material.

Processing options

If you want to process this 4 mm thick acrylic sheet by, for example, drilling, sawing, milling or engraving, we recommend our cast sheets. This is because our extruded (budget) sheets break or crack quickly if you process them.

Properties of 4 mm acrylic

The most important property of acrylic is that it is up to 30 times stronger than glass, and twice as light! Acrylic has a class B1 fire rating. This means that it is not suitable as fire-resistant glass. This is because acrylic melts at a temperature of 160° Celsius.

Maintenance of 4 mm acrylic

Maintain your acrylic sheets easily with a mild household cleaner in combination with a soft microfibre cloth. acrylic is more scratch-sensitive than glass, so be careful with abrasive cleaning agents such as Cif, sponges and brushes.

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