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Everything you need to know about white opal acrylic

On this page, you will find our range of opal white (milky white) acrylic sheets. They are suitable for both professional and hobby use and are available in thicknesses from 3 mm to 10 mm, with a maximum size of 230 by 100 cm. You can choose from moulded or budget opaque acrylic. The type of acrylic that is most suitable depends on the application you have in mind and whether the project requires much processing. Moulded acrylic can be machined easily while budget acrylic is the economical choice when you’re planning on little or no processing.

Applications of opal white acrylic

These sheets are very suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are often used for lightboxes in the advertising and design industry. You will also frequently see opal acrylic used in stand and interior construction.

Types opal white acrylic

In our webshop, you will find two types of opal white acrylic: moulded and budget acrylic. Moulded acrylic is the preferred material for applications that require post-processing such as drilling, milling and sawing. Budget acrylic is an economical alternative. If you don’t need to carry out much processing to finish your project, this material is a good choice.

Options for processing opal acrylic sheet

Budget opal acrylic sheet is more difficult to machine than cast acrylic because there is more tension in the sheet. This may cause it to tear during machining. If you want to process the acrylic sheet without any problems, we recommend using our moulded acrylic sheets. These sheets are very suitable for post-processing whether by glueing, milling, sawing, drilling, (hot) bending, engraving or polishing.

Properties of opal acrylic sheet

  • 30 x as strong and 2 x as light as traditional glass
  • UV resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • 28% translucent
  • Chemical resistant
  • Heat resistant

Product properties


  • Physical characteristics
    Opal, Smooth

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Maintenance of acrylic sheet

Cleaning acrylic and keeping it clean requires a little more attention than cleaning traditional glass as it is more scratch-sensitive. 


Our range white opal acrylic sheets include all commonly used sheet thicknesses required for professional and hobby purposes. Plasticsheetsshop supplies white opal sheeting in a thickness from 3 to 8 millimetres and a maximum sheet size of 230 by 100 centimetres. Opal acrylic plastic can be ordered in cast or extruded sheets. Cast acrylic sheets are stronger than extruded sheets when it comes to working with the material. If the project requires further finishing touches such as drilling, sawing, milling or bending we recommend choosing a cast acrylic sheet. Extruded opal acrylic is the more affordable choice and will do the job if there is no need to alter the surface. White opal acrylic is regularly used for lightboxes, advertising and interior design purposes. Its light transmission is 28% and the light is evenly distributed across the sheet to optimise illumination. All opal acrylic sheets can be cut to size and will be ready for delivery as soon as possible.

Characteristics of white opal acrylic sheets

Plasticsheetsshop supplies cast and extruded opal acrylic sheets. Cast acrylic sheets are made by pouring the raw material into moulds to create strong, large sheets. The sheets leave the factory at a standard size of 305 by 205 centimetres. Extruded acrylic sheets are brought to the desired thickness by a repeated rolling process which minimises the amount of raw material that is required. However, this multiple rolling also increases the internal tension within the product, making the finished sheet more prone to splintering and breaking. We therefore recommend cast acrylic sheeting if you intend to work on the sheet yourself.

Opal acrylic is 30 times more impact resistant than regular glass and it has a 28% transparency. The strength and the homogeneous colour make opal acrylic sheets suitable for many outdoor applications. For example, it can be used in lightboxes for advertising or privacy windows. Indoors these white opal sheets are often used for interior design and in the construction of stands. Opal acrylic sheets are a choice material for DIY projects. The sheets are easy to work with using standard DIY tools. Even without a lot of experience you can easily cut, saw or drill an acrylic sheet. Bending an acrylic sheet requires heating it in an oven or with a heat gun. Acrylic plastic is a thermoplastic material, meaning the sheets will soften as they are heated. Compared to regular glass, acrylic only has one main downside: it’s more likely to get scratched. Scratches can be easily removed by polishing the surface. And remember, we’re here to help you! Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service for any further questions. You can order any acrylic sheet cut to size!

Order opal acrylic sheets cut to size

It’s quick and easy to order opal acrylic sheets from us. We will cut them for you for free – bear in mind that the thickness can deviate approximately 10%. We will deliver the order as soon as possible and you will receive updates about the status of your order via email.


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