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Everything you need to know about plastic adhesives

Fastening plastic sheets by using plastic adhesives is the preferred choice when the surface needs to remain smooth to prevent a pile up of dirt. Screws can be less ideal for this purpose. Additionally, an adhesive bond can be a good solution for visible glue joints. For example, with a clear acrylic display or an acrylic aquarium. Larger plastic sheets can be fastened using Bostik adhesives and primers. For smaller glue joints you can use the specialised glues for acrylic, Acrifix, or PVC Uni-100. In our online shop you will also find extra accessories to help realise a strong adhesive bond, like foam tape, primers and a caulking gun. offers everything to successfully complete your plastic adhesive project.

A sleek result: plastic adhesives

In Addition to the visible plastic fasteners, such as panel holders and screws, adhesives are also often a solid choice. The advantage of an adhesive bond, is that the top layers of the sheet remains intact and smooth, giving the final result a sleek and modern look. Another advantage is that smooth sheets are easy to keep clean, there’s nothing in the way that will attract dirt. Depending on your materials and the project, it might be necessary to pre-treat the adhesive surfaces with a primer to ensure a solid adhesive bond. Make sure to check if this is the case for your project.

Plastics adhesive sets

The best option for mounting large plastic sheets is choosing a strong adhesive to fasten the sheets to each other or to a different surface. In our online shop we offer a range of adhesives and primers from quality brand Bostik. Often, pre-treating the adhesive surfaces with a wash or adhesive primer is recommended to ensure a strong adhesive bond. There are several combinations of adhesives and primers, which one you need for your project depends on the materials. In our assortment you will find the most common combinations of adhesives and primers in a ready-made set.

Plastic primers

Plastic primers improve the initial adhesion between the surfaces, creating a strong, long-lasting adhesive bond. For certain materials and surfaces it is crucial that you use a primer to pre-treat it or else the adhesive might not bond with the surfaces. Which primer you need, depends on the materials and your project. In our assortment of primers, you will find Bostik Paneltack primer for HPL and Trespa®, SX Black primer for wood, Prep K plastic primerPrep M aluminium primer and Easy Clean Wipes. Instructions and tips are clearly described in the informative texts in each product. In addition to adhesives, we also stock a wide range of other plastic fastenerscleaners and polishes.


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