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Everything you need to know about plastic adhesives

Plastic glueing is preferred if the surface needs to be completely flat to prevent dirt build-up; screws are less than ideal. In addition, glueing offers a solution for visible glue connections, for example, when making an acrylic aquarium or display cabinet. Larger plastic sheets are attached with Bostik adhesives and primers. For smaller glued joints, use Acrifix acrylic glue and PVC glue. In addition, our range includes additional products and accessories to support glueing, such as foam tape, plastic primers and a caulking gun. Plasticsheetsshop is the place to go for all adhesive applications. Read more about plastic adhesives in our blog.

A sleek result: plastic adhesives

In addition to visible fixing methods such as panel holders and screws, plastic adhesive is a good option in most cases. The advantage of glueing plastic sheet material is that no irregularities arise on the top layer. The appearance is also important, and glueing ensures a smooth finish. In addition, a plastic sheet without any irregularities is easy to keep clean. In our blogs, we provide the best glueing tips for each plastic. Before starting to glue plastic, it’s important to clean the sheets thoroughly. Sometimes, it may also be necessary to prime with a primer or to sand the edges. Good preparation before plastic glueing is always vital for a strong adhesive bond.

Plastics adhesive sets

For plastic adhesives, it is best to use a fixing adhesive to glue the sheets to each other or to another surface. The range of assembly adhesives and primers consists of quality products from the Bostik brand. It’s often advisable to pre-treat the surfaces with a primer to improve the adhesion of the sealant. There’s a wide range of adhesives and primers, and to make sure you use the right products, the most popular combinations are available in our webshop as an adhesive set.

Plastic primers

When bonding plastic, plastic primers improve adhesion and thus help to create a solid adhesive bond. With certain plastics and substrates, it may be necessary to pre-treat with a primer. The primer you need depends on the project, the type of plastic, and the adhesive you will use. Our range of Bostik primers consists of Paneltack primer, SX black wood primer, Prep K primer, Prep M aluminium primer and Easy Prep wipes. You will find tips and explanations about the steps before glueing plastic described clearly on the products and in our blogs.


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