Fluorescent acrylic sheets

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Everything you need to know about fluorescent acrylic

Fluorescent acrylic is 2 x as light and 30 x as strong as standard glass and comes in a range of eye-catching colours. Depending on what you want to use it for, you can choose a sheet thickness of 3 mm.

Applications of acrylic fluorescent sheet

Fluorescent acrylic is perfect for creating stylish kitchens and bathrooms; imagine a striking kitchen splashback or shower enclosure. Fluorescent acrylic sheet also lends itself well to creating unique signage, useful for walking and escape routes.

Tip: With the help of UV light, your panel will stand out even more

Working with fluorescent acrylic

Fluorescent acrylic is, just like other moulded acrylic sheets, strong, durable and easy to work with. You can mill, engrave, drill, bend (hot), glue, saw and polish it.

Properties of acrylic fluorescent sheet

  • 30 x as strong and 2 x as light as traditional glass
  • UV resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

Maintenance of fluorescent acrylic

Cleaning and keeping acrylic looking its best requires a little more attention than cleaning traditional glass as it is more easily scratched. 


Our fluorescent acrylic sheets are, literally, an eyecatcher in our range. We stock the vibrant acrylic sheets in the colours blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Plasticsheetsshop supplies the fluorescent colours in sheet thickness 3 millimetres. Comparable to all other acrylic sheets, we are happy to cut the sheet to size before delivery. The fluorescent sheets pull focus and are mainly used for decorative purposes or as a high-visibility material. Aesthetic applications may include kitchen and bathroom interiors, whilst more functional roles might be public or safety signage. If you truly want to create a result that cannot be overlooked, you can add some backlighting to a 3-millimetre sheet. Illuminating the already fluorescent sheet will guarantee to turn heads.

Characteristics of fluorescent acrylic sheets

The bigger fluorescent sheets are well suited for glazing purposes, the thickness makes these sheets extremely strong. Once in contact with UV light, the sheets will appear to ‘glow’ – which offers some very inspiring possibilities for architects and interior designers. Fluorescent acrylic sheeting is also a very effective material for making custom equipment housing of all kinds (e.g. ‘case modding’ for hi-tech devices).

Just like the other acrylic sheet finishes, the fluorescent acrylic sheets are strong, durable and easy to work with. In comparison to regular glass the acrylic sheets are 30 times more impact resistant and weigh only half as much. They are less likely to break and will last longer. Acrylic is easy to handle, and even though we cut your order to size, it is a simple job to do yourself. The same goes for similar DIY operations such as sawing, drilling and engraving. The only disadvantage to keep in mind is that acrylic is more prone to scratching than regular glass. Luckily, there are ways to prevent scratches on the surface. For example, always use a soft microfibre cloth rather than a sponge or brush. And avoid using any abrasive cleaners, they will leave the surface dull and full of scratches. Fluorescent acrylic sheeting lends itself to a wide range of versatile applications, so please contact us if you would like more information.

Order Fluorescent acrylic sheets cut to size

Order acrylic fluorescent sheets easily and quickly from us. We will cut it to size for you for free – bear in mind that the thickness can deviate approximately 10%. We will deliver the order as soon as possible and you will receive updates about the status of your order via email.


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