4 x DIY room dividers

There are endless options for making a DIY room divider, from a simple room divider made of black acrylic sheet and a stand to a minimalist room divider comprising a sliding door with a black frame. In this blog, we’ve rounded up four of our favourite ideas for making a DIY room divider.

# 1. A planter room divider

Do you need a versatile room divider that’s not too high? Then a low room divider with a planter made of Alupanel is an excellent choice. It makes a lovely decorative feature, ideal for offices, school canteens, healthcare facilities and waiting rooms. Add some wheels, and you have a mobile room divider. Read our blog:”DIY room divider planter” to find out how to make this attractive statement piece.

Create your own room divider planter

# 2. A minimalist room divider

Functional, easy to make and won’t break the budget: that sums up this minimalist room divider. You only need two items to make it: an acrylic sheet cut to size and a room divider stand. The main benefit of this room divider is that it’s multipurpose. You can use it to write on and stick post-its on it, so it’s perfect for the office. Learn how to make it in our blog: “Making a DIY room divider.

Room divider make yourelf end result

# 3. A sliding door room divider

This room divider looks like a steel sliding door, but this is just an illusion. This sliding door room divider consists of a wooden frame combined with white opal polycarbonate. When you paint the frame black, you give it the appearance of a steel frame. The inspiration for making this sliding door room divider came from our customer. He added an industrial handle as a stylish finishing touch, and voila, he had a homemade design statement.

Create your own room divider sliding door

# 4. A budget-friendly black room divider

If a glass and steel screen is too expensive for your budget, this room divider offers an attractive, affordable alternative. All you need is a custom-cut 3mm clear acrylic sheet and a timber frame that you can paint black or any other colour of your choice. The idea for this room divider was shared with us by a customer. He blind-screwed his room divider for a nice finish, using dowels so that the screws aren’t visible.

Create your own room divider black wood

Create your own room divider with wood and plexiglass

Would you like to make a DIY room divider?

Have we inspired you to make your own DIY room divider? Order your acrylic sheet or polycarbonate directly in our webshop, and we’ll cut the sheet to size for you in any shape you require. If you’re not sure about which thickness to order, please consult our thickness calculator. If you have questions about this blog or any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.