The benefits of an acrylic window air conditioner seal

If you keep your home cool in summer with a portable air conditioner in a window, you naturally want to make the most of it by not losing any cold air. We have the perfect solution for your air conditioning hose window! It allows you to close your window fully, without any need for drilling or making a hole in your wall. In this blog, you will discover the advantages of an acrylic air conditioner window.

Air conditioner hose window made of plexiglass

The exhaust hose of your portable air conditioner is usually extended through a partly open window. A disadvantage, however, is that warm air is still drawn in. This creates heat leakage and means that your window air conditioning unit can’t work optimally. Making a hole through the wall might be a bit of an overreaction because you only use your air conditioner in hot weather. There are various options for sealing your window. For example, you can purchase a fabric window seal that you stick to the window frame with an adhesive strip, and then you attach the air conditioning hose with Velcro or a zipper. But this isn’t an ideal solution as it can’t withstand strong gusts of wind. So it’s more efficient to make your own air conditioning hose window seal from plexiglass. This consists simply of an acrylic sheet pre-cut to size with a laser-cut circular hole.

Advantages of an acrylic air conditioning window seal

There are several advantages of an acrylic air conditioning window seal. A plexiglass air-conditioner window ensures that as little cool air as possible can escape. You can order this type of window seal from us cut to the exact size you need, and you don’t have to mill a circle yourself. The acrylic window seal keeps insects out and reduces energy consumption.
Window air conditioner installation is straightforward, using special clips that you can easily screw into your frame. Turn them to remove or install the air conditioning window seal; it’s the same principle as a clip-in screen. A further advantage of acrylic sheet is that the material weighs very little and is more robust than standard glass. And for a window seal that is even more vandal-proof, clear polycarbonate is also suitable for use as an air conditioning window seal.

Window sealing air conditioning window to the outside

Mounting the air conditioner window

The first step in making a window for your small air conditioner is to order a 4 mm thick clear acrylic sheet in our webshop. If you would like us to cut a circular hole, upload a DXF file with your own design. Once you have received your window seal, install it with special frame clamps, available at the hardware store. Do you prefer to leave your window in place all summer? You can also mount it as a secondary window by screwing the window onto your frame. To do this, you’ll need to drill holes in the acrylic sheet. Be sure to order cast acrylic as the budget version is unsuitable for drilling.

Order your air conditioner window cut to size with a hole for the hose

Do you want to optimise your mobile air conditioning unit? In our webshop, you’ll find crystal clear acrylic sheet and polycarbonate in a range of thicknesses. We cut your sheet to size in any shape you like. Order your custom air conditioning window in our webshop by uploading your own design on a DXF file. Ensure that the diameter of the hole for your A / C hose is 1 mm wider than the hose itself. If you’re not sure about the thickness of your window, please consult our thickness aid before ordering. If you need any further information about our products or this blog, please don’t hesitate to contact us.