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Everything you need to know about plastic polish

Polishing your plastic sheets can be necessary to remove scratches or dull spots. Our polishing products are a good solution for this. Check out our all-in-one polishing sets for light and deeper damages. Aside from the sets, you can also find separate polishing products in our online shop, for example; polishing clothsdiscs and pads and plastic polish from Quixx and Zvizzer. These polishes are suitable for both manual polishing and mechanical polishing with a disc and polishing pad.

Polishing your plastic for a crystal-clear result

Scratches and dull spots on transparent plastic sheets, like acrylic or polycarbonate, are undesirable. Polishing offers a solution to get the sheets back to their original crystal-clear look. The polishing method depends on the degree of the damage. For light scratches, you can manually polish the sheet using a microfibre polishing cloth and a little bit of fine polish. For deeper scratches or larger dull areas, you can choose to mechanically polish the sheet using a coarser polish and a polishing disc with a woollen pad. Sometimes you only need to polish the edges of the sheet to give them a clear look. Polishing is not necessary if you are planning on gluing the sheet, simply sanding down the edges and removing excess grease will do the job.

Polishing sets

Polishing your plastic sheet is easier when you use our all-in-one polishing sets. The sets are designed to cope with different degrees of damages to the sheet, from lighter to deeper scratches. Our basic polishing set is suitable for manual polishing of light scratches, using the microfibre cloth and Zvizzer fine cut polish. The regular set contains a polishing pad that will make scratches and dull spots vanish in no time. Finally, the deluxe polishing set is suited to deal with the deeper scratches. First, you use Zvizzer Heavy Cut to polish away the scratch. Secondly, you use Zvizzer Fine Cut to get a crystal-clear result.

Polish for plastic sheets

Specialised plastic polishes give the clearest results. Quixx Xerapol is one of the best-known polishes for plastics, it is an oil-based polish suited for both manual and mechanical polishing jobs. The Zvizzer polishes are water-based, this makes it easier to see the progress during polishing. Our range of Zvizzer polishes consists of a fine and a coarse polish for a crisp and clear result.

In addition to these polishing products, we also stock a wide range of professional plastic cleanersadhesives and fasteners.


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