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Everything you need to know about plastic polish

Polishing plastic may occasionally be necessary as scratches on plastic sheets such as clear acrylic sometimes occur. Our plastic polishing products are an excellent solution to this problem. For example, use one of the all-in-one polishing sets for coarse and light damage. You will also find separate polishing items in our range, such as polishing cloths, backing pads with polishing wool and plastic polishing agents such as Xerapol and Zvizzer. These polishing agents are suitable for both hand polishing and machine use with a polishing wheel.

Polishing your plastic for a crystal-clear result

Scratches or dull spots in transparent plastic sheets, such as clear acrylic or polycarbonate, can be very annoying. Polishing is the answer to getting the sheets crystal clear once more. Depending on the damage, this can be done by hand or machine, and you use fine or coarse polishing agents. Polishing may also be necessary after sawing to get the cut nice and clear. If you are going to glue the plastic sheet, sanding, degreasing and cleaning the edge is adequate.

Polishing sets

Polishing plastic is easier with our all-in-one polishing sets. The sets are classified according to the degree of damage to the plastic, from light to deep scratches. Our basic set is very suitable for manual polishing work. The deluxe set contains a backing pad with polishing wool that makes scratches and dull spots disappear as if by magic. This deluxe set is recommended for polishing away deeper scratches and large dull spots. Start with the Zvizzer Heavy Cut to polish out deep scratches, then make the surface crystal clear again with the Zvizzer Fine Cut.

Polish for plastic sheets

Plastic polishing agents ensure the best polishing result. Xerapol/Quixx is one of the most well-known plastic polishes; it’s oil-based and suitable for general hand or machine polishing. Zvizzer polishes are water-based, making it easy to assess the progress of the polishing work. Zvizzer’s range of plastic polishes consists of fine and coarse polishes for a crystal-clear result. You can find more information about plastic polishing in our blog.


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