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Everything you need to know about perspex sheets

Discover a vast range of custom PERSPEX® sheets in the Plasticsheetsshop website. The PERSPEX® brand sheets that we supply are sometimes referred to as clear acrylic sheets or plexiglass. The PERSPEX® sheets in our range are available in thicknesses of 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm. We also offer acrylic sheets cut to size in countless different thicknesses. We saw all PERSPEX® and acrylic sheets to size for you. You will find more information regarding the properties of PERSPEX® sheets at the bottom of the page.

Applications of PERSPEX® cut to size

What is PERSPEX® sheet?

PERSPEX® founded their brand in 1934 and is now one of the world’s leading companies producing acrylic sheets. PERSPEX® is a thermoplastic, a type of plastic that becomes softer when heated. Thanks to this property, PERSPEX® is ideal for bending, allowing you to create beautiful furniture. PERSPEX® is also ideal for replacing standard glass because it is 30 times stronger and twice as light. The base materials are sulfuric acid, hydrogen cyanide, methanol and acetone. Individually, they aren’t the safest substances, but the final result is completely harmless. PERSPEX® is flammable, but when burnt, it creates no harmful substances at all. The residual products are just carbon dioxide and water.

Properties of PERSPEX®

PERSPEX® is not only lightweight and very resistant to impact, but the material also resists bad weather and UV rays. It also has a high degree of sound insulation. These properties mean that PERSPEX® is very suitable for outdoor applications, such as replacement windowsboat windowspatio coversfront door canopies, noise barriers, windshields and nameplates.

The difference between PERSPEX® and acrylic glass

Customers often ask us what is the difference between PERSPEX® and clear acrylic sheet. The short answer is: there’s no difference. Acrylic is the common abbreviation for polymethyl methacrylate. PERSPEX® is just one of the many brand names for this plastic and over time, the brand name has become a generic name. It’s similar to Hoover, a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners whose name has become synonymous with vacuums. Read more about acrylic advantages and disadvantages.

What can you make from PERSPEX®?

Cast PERSPEX® offers endless options as the material is so easy to work with. Whether you want to create a transparent bedside table, a unique welcome sign for your wedding or want to replace your basketball backboard, it’s all possible with PERSPEX®.

Here some more ways to use PERSPEX® :

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Buying custom PERSPEX®

Are you planning a project which requires PERSPEX® cut to size? Order your PERSPEX® sheets directly in our webshop and we’ll cut the sheets for you. We’ll start working on the order straight away and ensure that you receive your delivery as quickly as possible.


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