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White opal acrylic sheet 3 mm

White opal acrylic sheet 3 mm

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Description White opal acrylic sheet 3 mm

This is an opal moulded acrylic sheet of 3 mm. This material is easy to machine and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Opal acrylic is very suitable for advertising and design applications, such as light boxes. The sheet has a light transmittance of 28%, so the light is beautifully distributed over the light box without having to use many light sources.


The moulded acrylic sheets are cut to size for free. On delivery, they are provided with protective film on both sides. Bear in mind that the thickness can deviate by approximately 10%.

Material properties

Specific mass gr/cm3 1,18
Mechanical properties (at 20°C)
Flexural strength N/mm 117,72
Stretch to breakage % 3,5
High pressure strength N/mm2 117,7
E. Modules N/mm2 3188
Indentation strength J/m2 39,24
Impact resistance KJ/m2 24,53
Tensile strength N/mm2 73,7
Friction coefficient 0,54
Water absorption at 20°C RV 65% % 0,25
Water absorption at 20°C RV 100% % 0,36
Thermal properties
processing temperature (Vivat) °C 105
Melting temperature °C 180
Linear expansion coefficient °C 70.10-6
Thermal conduction W/(k.m) 0,186
Specific heat KJ/(kg.K) 1,47
Maximum permissible temperature, without load °C 70
Minimum permissible temperature, without load °C -20
Electrical properties
Dielectric contstant 2,9
Dielectric loss factor tg 0,017
Breakdown voltage kV/mm 17
Surface resistance Ω 10 14
Specific resistance Ω.cm >10 13

Indoor / outdoor use

  • Inside
  • Outside

Indoor / outdoor space

  • Chemically resistant
  • Light sheet material
  • Moisture-proof
  • UV resistant

Processing options

This cast acrylic sheet, in the colour white is suitable for post-processing by means of drilling, bending (hot), milling, engraving, glueing, polishing and sawing.


Opal acrylic sheet is UV resistant. This makes this material very suitable for outdoor applications, such as light boxes for advertising or a customised door canopy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering whether the White opal acrylic sheet 3 mm is suitable for your project? Then order a sample. Then you can take your time to consider it, without having to order a whole sheet.


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