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Everything you need to know about PMMA sheets

In our online shop you will find a large variety of PMMA sheets. PMMA is short for Polymethylacrylate, which is a transparent plastic with a higher transparency than glass. PMMA is also stronger, since it is 30 times more impact resistant compared to glass. Polymethylacrylate has several different names, like Plexiglas or Acrylic.

The characteristics of PMMA sheets

We stock PMMA sheets in several varieties like crystal-clear, opal white, matt, tinted, mirrored, fluorescent and more. These sheets have a wide application range due to their strength, workability and choice of colours and finishes. PMMA sheets are an outstanding material for DIY projects. Special equipment is not required; basic DIY tools will do the job. With quality tools it’s possible to accomplish any sawing, cutting, milling, drilling and matting. PMMA’s most important attribute is its transparency. PMMA sheets are 92% transparent, this is much higher than regular glass. The combination of the high transparency with PMMA’s ability to filter UV light makes it the perfect choice for windows. Our PMMA sheets are available in a thickness ranging from 2 to 30 millimetres. Read more about acrylic advantages and disadvantages.

There are two different production methods for creating PMMA sheets. The sheets are either extruded (rolled) or cast (moulded) panels. This refers to the way the hot liquid material is formed into one single sheet. When making cast PMMA, the liquid material is poured into a mould and slightly rolled out into flat panels. This results in strong sheets with almost no internal tension. Contrary to cast PMMA, extruded PMMA sheets are heavily rolled until they reach the required thickness. This technique has the advantage of creating greater volumes of sheeting from the same raw material. Unfortunately, it also increases the internal tension in the material. Since the same amount of raw material results in a larger end product, extruded sheets are cheaper than cast sheets. Both versions are strong and have their own advantages and disadvantages. The internal tension in extruded PMMA sheets leaves them vulnerable when the surface is compromised by sawing or drilling. Before choosing a PMMA sheet, we recommend that you consider the project. If the project requires you working on the sheet, we would advise to buy a cast PMMA sheet. If there is no need to alter the surface of the material, extruded PMMA sheets will be a good option. We offer both versions of PMMA online at To indicate the difference between the two versions, we have named all extruded sheets: cheap acrylic.


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