The idea that plastic’s good for the environment might surprise you. But plastic is a sustainable material if you use it correctly. Plastic has a longer lifespan than many alternative sheet materials, such as wood.

Disposable plastic versus high-performance plastics

It’s essential to understand the distinction between single-use plastics and high-performance plastics. Why? Because plastic products with a long lifespan are sustainable while disposable plastic is not. All the materials we sell are partly recyclable and made for long-term use in sustainable applications. For example, our moisture-resistant HPL fascias last for decades, polycarbonate boat windows are indestructible, and you’ll never have to replace an HPL floor hatch again!

At, people and the environment are at the forefront of our philosophy. We consider eco-friendliness and sustainable entrepreneurship are essential. We constantly work to limit the impact on people and the environment as much as we can and organise our business operations to be as green as possible. For example, we saw all materials to size, which prevents a lot of waste because we make optimal use of the sheets. As a result, you don’t have to buy whole sheets if you only need a small piece. In short, nothing is wasted! Plastic sheet is a fantastic material suitable for sustainable applications, as long as you handle it responsibly.

How sustainable are we?

We are happy to take you along with us in what we do for the environment and show you our vision for the future regarding sustainability.

  • No waste

    Because we saw everything to size, we cut very efficiently with minimal waste. We use residual waste for samples and educational purposes. The rest is recycled where possible.

  • Recyclable material

    Almost all the acrylic sheet we sell is from Greencast, which is 100% recycled. And we’re not stopping there! Our vision for the future is to offer a 100% recyclable range within our other product groups.

  • Renewable energy

    Our sawmill is mainly powered by solar energy. We use green electricity for the remaining power. Our ultimate goal is to be carbon neutral by making even more use of solar panels.

  • Environmentally friendly packaging

    We package our sheet materials in recycled, unprinted cardboard. We use plastic foil as little as possible. We also transport our larger shipments to our customers in custom-made wooden frames.

  • Carbon neutral delivery

    Our deliverers, such as UPS and DPD, offset their carbon emissions with various green initiatives. We only allow full trucks to drive, and we deliver smaller orders by bicycle.

  • Sustainable quality

    All the plastic materials we sell are aimed at sustainable applications. We advise our customers on the best way to achieve effective and sustainable use.

“All materials we sell are partly recyclable and made for long-term use in sustainable applications.”
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