Coloured aluminium composite panels

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Everything you need to know about coloured Alupanel sheets

In our online shop we offer a wide range of coloured aluminium composite panels.  Alupanel is also known as aluminium composite sheet or abbreviated as “Alu”. Our coloured aluminium composite sheets are made up of three layers. The top layers are made of 0.3 mm thick aluminium and the core consists of polyethylene (black plastic). This makes Alupanel very suitable for use for billboards and plastic wall cladding.

The panels are not only available in a selection of colours, but also in a brushed aluminium and silver finish. All coloured aluminium composite panels have a sheet thickness of 3 millimetres and can be cut to your desired size. The order will be ready for delivery as soon as possible.

Applications of coloured Alupanel sheets

Alupanel is popular for applications such as wall cladding, displays and billboards. Aluminium composite sheets also give a stylish twist to a plain system ceiling. With coloured Alupanel sheets, you can turn a boring ceiling into a real eye-catcher.

Tip: Do you want a sleek look in your kitchen? Create a kitchen splashback with brushed aluminium composite sheets. This has the appearance of expensive stainless steel but is much stronger and cheaper. Also good to know: Alupanel is heat resistant, impact resistant and easy to clean. Perfect for the kitchen!

Alupanel colour range

Our aluminium composite sheet is available in in a range of colours including standard red, blue, yellow and green to brushed metallic and silver. All Alupanel colours can be ordered to measure in 3mm thickness.

Working with Alupanel

Alupanel sheets are easy to work, even for the home handyman. You can saw, mill, paint, glue and drill them, as long as you use the right tools. For example, use good metal saws and HSS drills. You can read more about joining Alupanel sheets with bolt and pop rivet connections in our blog: Connecting Dibond.

Tip: Are you going to glue Alupanel sheets? We recommend using Bostik glue for a smooth result.

Handy hint: Because Alupanel is a lightweight plastic, you do not need much glue for assembly. This makes the panel easy to dismantle again.

Properties of coloured Alupanel

  • UV resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Easy to print
  • Easy to edit
  • Insensitive to temperature changes
  • Light weight

Alupanel maintenance

Cleaning aluminium composite sheets (Alupanel) is a piece of cake with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. View our tips for cleaning Dibond® and Alupanel sheets.

Ordering coloured aluminium composite sheets

Whatever colour Alupanel sheets you want to order, no problem! We will cut the sheets for you and deliver the order as soon as possible. You will receive updates about the order status via e-mail.


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