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Everything you need to know about composite panels

Aluminium composite panels have been specially developed for the advertising and signage industry. You can see that in the top layers, which can be printed very successfully with various printing techniques and inks. The panels are available in a wide range of colours and in brushed aluminium.

Aluminium composite designations

Aluminium Composite Panels (or ACP) are also known under the names  Alupanel, Alubond and Dibond®.


Our composite sheets are UV-resistant, lightweight and easy to work with. That is why you often find these plates in the advertising and interior design industry. For example, think of cladding, displays and billboards.

Types of Aluminium composite panels

In addition to Alupanel sheets from the Dibond® brand, we also sell white composite panels and Alupanel sheets in various other colours.

Variants and colours


Regarding the thickness, you can choose from composite sheets ranging from 2 to 6 millimetres. We will saw the panel for you.


Our composite panels are available in a wide range of colours: white, black, grey, silver, brushed aluminium, red, ivory, dark green, dark blue, blue, orange, yellow, green and brown.

Processing options

Aluminium composite panels are easy to process, from the aluminium top layers to the polyethene core. Sawing, milling, painting, glueing, drilling present no problem. The average DIYer can also do this successfully as long as you use the right tools. We recommend the quality products of the Bostik brand for glueing the sheets.


We call this type of panel a composite or sandwich panel because it is made up of three layers. The top layers are made of 0.3-millimetre thick aluminium and the core consists of polyethene. Alupanel plates are insensitive to temperature changes. You can use it in temperatures from -50 ° C to + 80 ° C. The panel will expand 2.4 millimetres per linear metre when the panel heats up 10 ° C.

Maintenance of aluminium composite panels

Do you want to clean the panels? This is easy using a mild detergent and a soft cloth.


We stock a wide range of composite panels that includes both aluminium composite (ACP) and Dibond® sandwich panels. These can be cut and shaped to fit your exact requirements. ACP is a versatile sheet material that has many applications. The sandwich panels are available in a selection of colours and in thicknesses ranging from 2-6 mm. Panels can be purchased either in a fixed size or cut to bespoke dimensions. Below the products on this page, you will find more relevant information about the characteristics and applications of aluminium composite panels.

How are aluminum composite panels made?

Aluminium composite panels are made from two elements – a core made of a strong plastic known as polyethylene, and two, thin aluminium outer layers. The materials are then bonded together into an ACP panel, which is sometimes also known as a sandwich panel. The combination of materials make ACP panels both lightweight and stylish, but also very strong and durable for both indoor and outdoor use. We’ve written a handy guide on the specifications of our range.

What is an aluminium composite panel used for?

Due to their combination of light weight and versatility, aluminium composite panels have a broad range of uses. Indoors, they are a popular material for home improvement projects such as splashback panels for kitchens, or as wall coverings. The weather-resistance of aluminium also means that there are numerous exterior applications for the material. These can include billboards, signage and wall cladding.

While aluminium composite panels can be prepared for printing or painting, Dibond® has been specially developed with a finish ready for printing on with epoxy/urethane bicomponent ink. All that is required is to prepare the panel with alcohol to remove dust and debris.

What types of finish are available?

We offer a wide range of coloured aluminium composite sheets, with brushed aluminium and silver finishes also available. Coloured aluminium composite panels can only be ordered with a sheet thickness of 3 millimetres, but can still be cut to your specific size requirements at no additional cost.

How do you cut aluminum composite panels?

ACP panels do not require any specialist tools to manipulate, a standard metal saw and regular drill bits are ideal. This means anybody can use panels for their home improvements. Depending on the needs of the project, you can cut, saw, drill, bend and weld panels as required. As well as providing fixed-size panels, Plastic Sheets Shop will prepare sheets to your custom dimensions for free – meaning that you are able to use the materials as soon as they arrive.

How do you clean aluminum composite panels?

Cleaning Dibond® and aluminium composite panels will depend on the type of finish – coated or sanded aluminium. Both can be cleaned with a mild shampoo and cloth, before being dried with a microfibre cloth. Abrasive cleaning products should never be used as it can impair the finish. In addition, sanded panels should always be cleaned in the direction of the pattern.

Order composite sheets

You can easily and quickly order the sheets from us online. We will saw these for you and deliver them as soon as possible. You will be kept informed of the ordering process via e-mail. 


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