10mm acrylic sheets

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Everything you need to know about 10 mm acrylic

This 10 mm thick acrylic sheet is the durable solution for every job. With a 10 mm acrylic sheet you can, for example, make a sturdy front window in no time!

Applications for 10 mm acrylic

You can use our 10 mm acrylic sheets for purposes where you need a strong sheet. With our acrylic, it is for example, ideal to make an aquarium, or replace the glass of your garden shed 

Types of 10 mm acrylic

There are two types of acrylic in our range, cast and extruded acrylic. Cast acrylic is cast into a flat sheet, while extruded sheets are rolled into the required size after casting. As a result, extruded sheets have high internal stress. These sheets therefore crack or break faster when processed.

Processing options

Do you want to process the acrylic sheet yourself? Then we recommend cast acrylic. As we explained earlier, extruded sheets are under higher stress, so they break or crack more quickly when machining, for example during: drilling or sawing.

Properties of 10 mm acrylic

Acrylic is at least 30 times stronger than normal glass and half as light. This makes it good for use as glazing. Our clear acrylic is 92% translucent. acrylic has a class B1 fire rating. It is therefore suitable as glazing, but not fire-resistant.

Maintenance of 10 mm acrylic

Acrylic is easy to maintain with a mild household cleaner and a soft microfibre cloth. Beware of brushes, sponges and abrasive cleaners such as Cif. These make small scratches in the screen, making it dull quickly.

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