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Everything you need to know about plastic fasteners

You can attach plastic in various ways, and the correct fixing method depends on the project. Special HPL screws are ideal for permanent attaching; they are available in the same RAL colours as the HPL panels and are also suitable for Trespa®.

When attaching with these screws, an HPL drill with a Torx T20 bit is essential. In addition, flexible fixing materials such as suction cups and spacers are very suitable for attaching temporarily, for example, for a plastic nameplate or an acrylic windshield. Take a look at our blogs for the best tips for fixing plastic!

Solid plastic fasteners?

Fixing plastic is only possible with high-quality fixing materials or mounting adhesives. Especially with large, heavy panels, it is absolutely essential that the fastening is solid and reliable. Consider, for example, attaching heavy HPL panels as plastic facade cladding, fascia parts and kitchen splashbacks or shower walls. The quality of temporary fixings is also crucial because it determines how long the fixing lasts and how often you can attach and remove the plastic sheet without decreasing the quality.

Fixing HPL or Trespa®

There are corresponding HPL screws for mounting Trespa® or HPL panels. These are stainless steel screws with a diameter of 4.8 millimetres in the same colours as the HPL panels in our range. The screws have a convex head with a wide, flat contact surface. This particular shape presses the panel firmly around the drill hole without damaging or deforming the top layer. Before using the screws, it is essential to pre-drill the panel using an HPL drill.

Panel holders

The range includes three types of high-quality stainless steel panel holders. These spacers allow you to attach plastic to a surface and create space between the surface and the plastic sheet. Consider, for example, attaching an acrylic nameplate to the wall. The most significant difference between the three types is that the panel holder clamps the plastic sheet along the top and bottom, and the other spacers are mounted on the sides or corners of the plastic sheet.

With a spacer, a hole must first be drilled in the sheet through which to attach it. The purpose of both panel holders is the same, i.e. to fix plastic at a certain distance from the surface. In addition to the spacer in stainless steel, we also offer spacers in black.


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