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Everything you need to know about plastic fasteners

There are several methods for fastening and mounting plastic sheets. The best way to go about this job, depends entirely on the project. For fastening the sheets to a surface permanently, you can use the special HPL screws. These screws come in the exact same RAL colours as the HPL sheets. The HPL screws have a Torx head, therefore you can find the matching Torx bit and HPL drill in our online shop. Re-useable fasteners, like suction cups or spacers are especially suited for temporary fastening. For example, if you want to hang up an acrylic name sign or a wind breaker. Find more information on plastic fasteners at the bottom of this page.

Solid plastic fasteners?

Fastening plastic sheets can only be achieved by using solid mounting methods and adhesives. Especially when it comes to fastening heavy plastic sheets, for example, when you use relatively heavy HPL sheets as fascia boards, kitchen splash backs or shower screens. The quality of temporary fasteners is just as important. The quality of the materials determines the life span of the products. Temporary fasteners are not necessarily only used once. If the quality is good enough, you can keep attaching and detaching the plastic sheets with the same fasteners.

Mounting Trespa®

For fastening Trespa® / HPL sheets we offer matching HPL screws in our online shop. These screws come in exactly the same RAL colours as the HPL sheets. So, for each colour sheet you will find a matching screw, making them nearly invisible when mounted. The stainless steel screws have a diameter of 4.8 millimetres and are 38 millimetres long. The round head has a wide, flat bearing surface which creates good downward pressure on the sheet without damaging or distorting the top layer. Make sure not to turn the screw more than a quarter turn once the bearing surface has reached the sheet. This will ensure enough pressure without causing damage to the top layer. Pre-drill the Trespa® sheet with a special HPL drill for the best result.

Panel holders

Our range of stainless steel panel holders consists of a spacer that is attached through the sheet and a panel holder which is placed along the edge of the sheet. The spacers and holders are used to attach a plastic sheet to a surface, and at the same time they create distance between the sheet and the surface below. For example, you could use a spacer to place an acrylic name sign on a wall. The main difference between the two varieties is that you need to drill into the plastic sheet to attach the spacer, whereas no drilling is required for the panel holder. The panel holders are placed along the top and the bottom of the plastic sheets. In addition to these solid fasteners, we also stock a wide range of plastic adhesivescleaners and polishes.


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