Silver acrylic mirror sheet 3 mm
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Silver acrylic mirror sheet 3 mm

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Description Silver acrylic mirrored sheet

Are you interested in the elegance of silver while desiring the functionality of acrylic? Silver acrylic mirror sheets might be the perfect pick! Acrylic (XT) sheets are silver coloured on one side to create a beautiful mirror effect, so that you can easily create a unique mirror with this material. However, pay attention when processing. Due to the production method (extruding), there is tension on the sheet. This can cause it to crack, so treat the sheet with extreme care.

Features of silver acrylic mirror sheets

Unlike traditional glass mirrors, silver acrylic mirror sheets are surprisingly lightweight, yet offer impressive durability. This makes them ideal for various applications where weight and durability are crucial.

Offering a high level of reflectivity, these sheets provide clear and sharp reflections, making them suitable for decorative purposes and functional uses alike.

Available in 3 and 5 mm thickness

We understand that different projects require different specifications, which is why we offer silver acrylic mirror sheets in two distinct thicknesses to cater to your unique needs. You can select from sheets that are 3 mm thick – ideal for projects that require flexibility and lightness. Alternatively, for those seeking sturdier and more robust sheets, our 5 mm thick options are perfect. These variations allow you to choose a product that precisely aligns with the demands of your project, ensuring you achieve optimal results for every need.


Acrylic sheet is slightly more sensitive to scratches than ordinary glass. That is why we advise you to treat it with an anti-static cleaner after installation. Is there a scratch? Then you can remove it easily by polishing the sheet. The sheet has a thickness tolerance of 10 percent; this means that the thickness of the plate can actually differ from the thickness stated on this page.

Product properties

Material Properties

  • Physical characteristics
    Frontside mirrored, Smooth
  • Suitable for

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Processing options

Drilling, hot bending, milling, engraving, glueing, polishing and sawing are possible. But be extremely careful as this is an extruded acrylic sheet. This means that this sheet is under tension and can crack during processing.

Mounting method Suitable? Explanation
Mounting on a flat wall + Ensure the surface is smooth and flat. Unevenness may cause bumps.
Mounting with adhesive + Use the Mirrorfix mounting kit and distribute evenly. Avoid accumulation of adhesive.
Mounting with spacers + Use a spacer every 30 cm. Insufficient spacers may cause the mirror to bulge.
Fixed installation + Make holes for mounting points at least one millimeter larger around. This is recommended to prevent deformations in the mirror plexiglass.
Mounting on large surface (wall filling) - Acrylic mirror sheets are too flexible for large surfaces. There is a risk of a funhouse mirror effect.
Freestanding placement - Acrylic mirror sheets are highly flexible and will bend if not mounted.
Mounted in humid environment - The mirror film may rust upon contact with moisture. Use a frame or cover in damp areas (bathroom/garden).


Acrylic mirror sheets have a wide range of uses, from stand and exhibition construction to interior construction and sign making. Let us inspire you with 5 unusual shaped mirrors to brighten your home. You also create eye-catching accessories for the home, such as a unique mirror or a coffee table.

Tip: Turn your IKEA table into a stylish side table with our DIY blog: Make an acrylic table.

Cleaning and maintenance tips

Maintaining the pristine look of your silver acrylic mirror sheet is straight forward. Use a microfiber cloth and a mild cleaning solution to gently wipe away dust and fingerprints without scratching the surface. Read our blog on how to clean your acrylic mirror to learn everything you need to know.

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