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Everything you need to know about accessories for plastic sheets

Working with high quality sheet material, also requires professional quality accessories for installing and maintaining the sheets. Every kind of plastic sheet has its own set of characteristics and mounting requirements. Therefore, we offer everything from screws to adhesives. And once the plastic sheet is installed, you will also have to maintain and clean it. Most plastics are low maintenance, but regular cleaning is always recommended. Plasticsheetsshop stocks cleaning and polishing products to help do the job.

Fasteners for plastic sheets

There are different methods to fasten plastic sheets. The best choice depends on the project, the purpose and your personal taste. For mounting HPL / Trespa® sheets we stock special HPL screws. For each colour sheet we offer matching screws. HPL can also be attached to another surface with an adhesive bond. We recommend using Bostik Paneltack adhesive for this job. You will need a caulking gun to apply this product. Sometimes a temporary fastener is needed for attaching a sign or windbreak. In that case you can use spacers or suction cups.

Trespa® screws

For attaching Trespa® and HPL sheets we offer screws to match the RAL colour of each sheet. The screws are made of high quality stainless steel and have a diameter of 4.8 mm. They are 38 mm long and have a round head with a wide, flat bearing surface. The unique design ensures good downward pressure around the screw without damaging or distorting the top layer of the sheet. The screws are especially designed to blend into the sheet, which makes them almost invisible and creates a clean look. The HPL screws have a special coating that makes them corrosion, UV and scratch resistant.

Adhesives and primers for plastic sheets

In some situations, an adhesive bond is more preferable than a screw connection. For example, when the surface needs to be completely flat to prevent an accumulation of dirt. Or, when the glue joint is in a visible area like the corners of an aquarium or a showcase. Large plastic sheets can be attached using Bostik primers and adhesives. Bostik is a high-quality brand that specialises in adhesives bonds. For small, delicate adhesive bonds we recommend proper acrylic or PVC glue. In our range we offer extra products to help realise a strong bond, like foamtape, plastic primers and a caulking gun.

Professionally cleaning plastic sheets

Generally, cleaning plastic sheets in not a tough job, but is helps when you use the proper cleaning products. Some plastics benefit from a special detergent. Acrylic plastic is a static material, which means it can attract a lot of dust. The antistatic cleaner from quality brand Burnus cleans the acrylic sheet and eliminates the static load of the material, thus preventing it to attract dust. Another example of a special detergent is Kenotek brilliant wash shampoo. This cleaner is ideal for cleaning HPL or Trespa® fascia boards. HPL sheets do not often need a lot of cleaning. But when they do, Kenotek is the best choice. Kenotek does not only clean the sheet, it also leaves a protective wax layer on the surface. This layer prevents any water or dirt to stick to the surface of the sheet. Cleaning exterior wall cladding can be quite a task, in our range we offer several cleaning brushes to help clean the high, hard to reach areas of the house.

A crystal clear result: polishing plastic sheets

Sometimes it is necessary to polish clear plastic sheets. Unfortunately, scratches can’t always be prevented. Polishing is the best solution for scratches and dull spots in acrylic and polycarbonate sheets. We stock a range of all-in-one polishing sets that help polish deep and light scratches. It is also possible to order the polishing products separately. The special plastic polishes from brands Xerapol and Zvizzer are suited for both manual polishing with a cloth and for mechanical polishing using polishing wool.


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