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Coloured HPL texture sheets

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Everything you need to know about coloured HPL sheet textured

HPL sheet (High Pressure Laminate) is also commonly referred to as Trespa®. Trespa® is one of the best-known manufacturers in the field of HPL sheets. In our extensive range, you will find our own brand HPL laminate sheets as well as those of the Trespa® brand. High pressure laminate sheets are resistant to moisture, UV radiation and temperature changes, making this plastic ideal for outdoor applications.

Applications of coloured HPL

You can use coloured textured HPL sheets for both indoor and outdoor applications. For example, as a replacement for fascias and wind springs or as a balcony covering. Also good to know: for every sheet, we supply screws in a matching colour. These are virtually invisible after assembly.

HPL also offers endless possibilities for interior applications. You can use the sheets as an easy to clean shower wall covering, a sleek kitchen splashback or for creating your own unique DIY desktop.

Types of coloured HPL textured sheet

We offer all our coloured and textured HPL sheets in a sheet thickness of 6 mm. The range of colours varies from HPL moss green to HPL traffic red. To give you an accurate idea of your chosen colour, we always mention RAL colour codes with the sheet. These codes are intended as an indication only. The top layer of our HPL coloured sheets has a light rock texture and is finished in satin.

Tip: Discover our coloured HPL sheets from Trespa® Meteon®.

Working with HPL

Machining high pressure laminate is very similar to machining hardwood so hard steel tools, such as a metal saw and drill, are essential. You can paint, drill, saw, glue and mill HPL. Keep in mind that this material expands or shrinks faster than other plastic materials.

Properties of HPL

  • Chemical resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Shockproof
  • UV resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Lifespan 30 years


Property Test method Property or attribute Unit Values
Thickness EN 438-2.5 Thickness mm 2,0 ≤ t <   3,0   ± 0,20
3,0 ≤ t <   5,0   ± 0,30
5,0 ≤ t <   8,0   ± 0,40
8,0 ≤ t < 12,0   ± 0,50
12,0 ≤ t < 16,0   ± 0,60
16,0 ≤ t < 20,0   ± 0,70
20,0 ≤ t < 25,0   ± 0,80
25,0 ≤ t < nader overeen te komen
Flatness EN 438-2.9 Maximum deviation mm/m 1 side decor:
2,0 ≤ t < 5,0   ± 0,50
2 side decor:
2,0 ≤ t <   6,0   ≤ 8,0
6,0 ≤ t < 10,0   ≤ 5,0
10,0 ≤ t              ≤ 3,0
Length and width EN 438-2.6 Length and width mm + 10 / 0
Straighness of edges EN 438-2.7 Maximum deviation mm/m 1,5
Squareness EN 438-2.8 Maximum deviation mm/m 1,5
Resistance to surface wear EN 438-2.10 Wear resistance Revs IP ≥ 150
Resistance to immersion in boiling water EN 438-2.12 Mass increase % CGS: 2 ≤ t < 5 ≤ 5        CGF: ≤ 7
CGS: 5 ≤ t       ≤ 2        CGF: ≤ 3
Thickness increase % CGS: 2 ≤ t < 5 ≤ 6        CGF: ≤ 9
CGS: 5 ≤ t       ≤ 2        CGF: ≤ 6
Surface appearance gloss finish Rating ≥ 3
Surface appearance other finishes ≥ 4
Edge ≥ 3
Resistance to dry heat (160 °C) EN 438-2.16 Surface appearance gloss finish Rating ≥ 3
Surface appearance other finishes Rating ≥ 4
Resistance to wet heat (100 °C) EN 438-2.18 Surface appearance gloss finish Rating ≥ 3
Surface appearance other finishes Rating ≥ 4
Stability at elevated temperatures EN 438-2.17 Cumulative dimensional change % 2 ≤ t < 5   ≤ 0,40   ≤ 0,80
% 2 ≤ t   ≤ 0,30   ≤ 0,60
Resistance to impact by large diameter fall EN 438-2.21 Drop height mm 2 ≤ t  < 6   ≥ 1.400
2 ≤ t          ≥ 1.800
Indentation diameter mm 10 mm
Resistance to crazing (thick laminates) EN 438-2.24 Appearance Rating ≥ 4
Resistance to scratching EN 438-2.25 Surface appearance smooth finishes Rating ≥ 2
Surface appearance textured finishes Rating ≥ 3
Resistance to staining EN 438-2.26 Appearance groups 1-2 Rating 5
Appearance group 3 Rating ≥ 4
Lightfastness EN 438-2.27 Contrast Grey scale rating ≥ 4
Resistance to water vapour EN 438-2.14 Surface appearance gloss finish Rating ≥ 3
Surface appearance other finishes Rating ≥ 4
Electrical resistance EN 61340-4-1 RV (23° C / 50% RH) Ohm 1×109 – 1×1011
Thermal conductivity EN 12664: 2001 W/m . °K 0,25
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ASTM D 696 °C -1 L = 1,6 x 10-5 ca.
L = 3,5 x 10-5 ca.
Flexural strength EN ISO 178 Stress ≥ 80
Flexural modulus EN ISO 178 Stress ≥ 9.000
Density ISO 1183 Density ≥ 1,35


Test method Norm Classification CGF Classification CGS
Small flame and radiation px UNI 8457, UNI 9174, UNI 9177 Class 1 Class 1
Spread of flame BS 476-7 Class 1 Class 2
Fire rating DIN 4102-1 B1 B2
Epiradiatore NF P 92-501 M1 /
Fire behaviour of materials and components EN 45545-2: 2013 2 ≤ t < 25 mm    HL1 - HL2 - HL3 5 ≤ t ≤ 25 mm    HL1 – HL2
Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 2 ≤ t < 6 mm    B-s2,d0    t ≥ 6 mm B-s1,d0 t ≥ 4 mm D-s2,d0    t ≥ 6 mm C-s2,d0    t ≥ 12 mm B-s1,d0

Indoor / outdoor use

  • Inside
  • Outside

Usage options

  • Chemically resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Moisture-proof
  • UV resistant
  • Vandal-proof

Maintaining HPL sheet material

The great thing about Trespa® and HPL sheets is that this material requires almost no maintenance. With the right maintenance kit, cleaning HPL is a breeze. Thoroughly clean your HPL exterior cladding at least once a year. This way it stays beautiful and the material will certainly last for 30 years. View our tips for cleaning Trespa® and HPL.

Handy hint:

We recommend Kenotek Brilliant Wash as the best detergent to use for cleaning HPL exterior cladding. This mild shampoo removes all dirt deposits in an instant. The shampoo is self-drying and leaves a protective wax layer on the plastic.


Plasticsheetsshop.co.uk stocks a wide range of coloured HPL sheets with a sheet thickness of 6 millimetre. The sheets are available in standard RAL colours, and you will find both vibrant and neutral colours in our selection. The top layer of the sheets is slightly textured, like the surface of a rock, with a silk gloss finish. The coloured texture sheets are suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. For each coloured sheet in our range, you will find a matching coloured screw in our HPL screws section. You can order the textured sheets in the colours: white, anthracite, cream, light grey, fir green, jet black, steel blue, dusty grey, moss green, chocolate brown, traffic red, ivory, gentian blue, wine red and signal yellow. When using the right tools, HPL sheets are easy to handle and are suitable for drilling, milling and sawing. Of course, we can saw the sheet to your required size.

The properties of coloured HPL texture sheets

HPL sheets have a dense core consisting of wood fibres that are forced together under high pressure. Consequently, the strong core develops the same qualities as hardwood. The sheet is covered with a phenolic acid top layer that is also created under high pressure and high temperature. This results in an almost indestructible material, that requires strong tools to work on it. Using a saw blade or drill bit that is suitable for metal or hardwood is a necessity to get through the tough HPL sheet. In our assortment you will find our private label HPL sheets and HPL sheets from renowned brand Trespa®.

Originally, HPL sheets were designed for outdoor applications. Due to its characteristics HPL plastic is often used as exterior cladding on buildings, billboards and fascia boards. Despite HPL’s popularity for outdoor use, it is also suitable for interior applications like shower screens and kitchen splashbacks. The phenolic resin top layer has an extremely high molecular density which makes it impenetrable for dirt and moisture. This results in a material that is moisture, UV and temperature resistant. In our range you will find accessories that are useful when working with HPL sheets, like a special HPL drillHPL screws and Bostik adhesives and primers.

Ordering coloured HPL sheets

Are you ordering coloured HPL sheets? Then you’ve come to the right place. We will also saw the sheets for you. Bear in mind that the thickness can deviate by approximately 10%. We deliver the order within 48 hours and you will receive updates about the order status via e-mail.


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