DIY floor access hatch from HPL

Do you have a floor hatch that needs replacing? HPL is more rigid than wood and will never rot. Once you’ve installed a floor access panel made from HPL, it’ll never need replacing again. In this very quick DIY blog, we’re going to show you how easy it is to make a plastic hatch yourself.

Materials needed for your customised floor access hatch

Materials needed for your customised floor access hatch

The basis of your floor hatch

For this DIY demo, we’re using an HPL sheet with a thickness of 20 mm. This is a standard thickness for a floor access hatch. We’re also using Seal’n’Bond mounting glue to attach the Tempex insulation material to the underside.

Step 1: Measure the hatch opening

Measure the hatch opening carefully. Subtract 2.5 mm from each side, to allow the floor hatch to open and close easily. The plastic hatch that we’re making is 59.5 x 64 cm.

Measure the hatch opening

Step 2: Order your HPL panel

Order your HPL sheet from our webshop using the dimensions that you’ve calculated in step 1 and we’ll saw it to the exact size for you for free. You should receive your new customised floor hatch as soon as possible.

Tempex insulating material
diy hatch

Step 3: Finishing the access hatch with insulating material

Once you’ve received your HPL panel, it’s time for the finishing. We’re using Tempex for this because of its insulating effect. Measure the size of the Tempex and fix it to the underside of your floor access hatch with the Seal’n’Bond mounting glue. Let the glue dry. Your new HPL floor hatch is now ready. Place it on the hatch opening and lay your floor covering over it.

acces hatch open
Acces hatch closed
Finishing the access hatch

Customised floor hatch

Are you inspired to make your own HPL floor hatch? Order your panel now and we’ll saw it for you for free.

More DIY ideas

View our blog for more tips, ideas and fun DIY projects using HPL. If you have any questions about this job or about our products, please call us on 0122-3976701 or e-mail us.

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