Plastic table top for indoors and outside

Do you want to protect your table top or maybe your garden table is damaged? Plastic table tops are the best choice if you want a surface for your table that’s durable and keeps its good looks. In this blog, we’ll show you which plastic table tops are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Recycled plastic table tops for indoors

Wooden tables are beautiful, and naturally, you want them to stay that way. But unfortunately, it’s easy to stain or scratch them. For example, you might have pressed a pen a little too hard, your child has been working with felt markers without a placemat, or a glass of red wine gets tipped over. But when you have a plastic tabletop, it’s not the end of the world if accidents happen! Attaching a plastic table top made of acrylic sheet to your wooden table will protect it from scratches and stains. At the same time, you can still enjoy the look of wood.

Tip: you can also make this lovely pallet coffee table with a PERSPEX® table top.

plastic table top

You can not only use a plastic table top as a table protector but also make a new table with it. For example, check out this side table with a plastic table top made of acrylic sheet. All you need is a base, then order your custom cut plastic table top in the shape and colour of your choice. The possibilities are endless, from a round plastic table top in matte black to opal white.

plastic table top side table

A plastic table top is also ideal if you want to construct a space-saving custom desk. Read more about it in our blog: “Making a desk with an HPL desktop.”

Plastic table tops for outdoors

Do you have a garden table with a damaged or broken table top? A plastic table top in HPL is the ideal solution to replace your existing top. Unlike wood, which needs painting, an HPL table top is moisture resistant, very strong and retains its attractive appearance in all weather conditions. Anyone who has adds a plastic table top made from HPL to their garden table will have a durable table top that should stay beautiful for at least 30 years.

Tip: have you received your new plastic table top for outside? Sand off the sharp edges or mill the edges with an edge router.

Plastic table top HPL

Maintaining plastic table tops

Cleaning a plastic table top is easy: just wipe over with mild soapy water and a little anti-static cleaner. This prevents your table top from attracting dust, and it stays beautiful for longer.

Ordering a custom plastic sheet for table top

If you’d like to order a custom plastic table top in HPL or acrylic sheet from our webshop, we’ll saw it in any shape you require. Whether you want your plastic table top round, oval-shaped or rectangular, the options are endless. Do you want to have your plastic table top sawn in a unique shape? Simply upload a DXF file with your own design. We saw your plastic table top to the millimetre.