Cleaning brush with telescopic pole (163-275 cm)
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Cleaning brush with telescopic pole (163-275 cm)

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Description Cleaning brush with telescopic pole (163-275 cm)

This cleaning brush with telescoping pole can reach from 163 to 275 cm high. It is the perfect tool for cleaning exterior wall cladding panels. The strong, lightweight pole fits into the treated section of the keenly designed cleaning brush. The brush is 25 cm wide and is fitted with a rubber bumper to prevent damaging the cladding panels.

This set of cleaning brush with telescopic pole is suited for wet- and dry-cleaning jobs. The brush is designed to ensure a thorough cleaning and the bristles are abrasion resistant. The softness of the bristles and the rubber bumper prevent scratches and damages to the exterior panels. The brush can also be used to remove cobwebs and sand from the exterior panels and window frames. The telescopic extension pole is made from high quality materials and is suited for heavy and prolonged use. The twist lock allows the pole to be locked at any length between 163 and 275 cm. Even when fully extended, the pole can still cope with a regular amount of pressure and won’t bend or kink.


  • Strong, lightweight pole
  • Pole length: 163 to 275 cm
  • The pole is fitted with a twist lock
  • Size brush: 8 x 26 cm


  • Suited for both wet and dry-cleaning jobs
  • The brush has a high absorption level
  • Brush is fitted with a rubber bumper and soft bristles to prevent damage to the sheet