Setting up a home office: 11 DIY ideas and inspiration

Do you work from home regularly and are thinking of setting up a home office? From adding more atmosphere with a DIY wallpaper panel to making a practical laptop holder using acrylic sheet, we have ideas and inspiration that will make it a pleasure to work all day. Read this blog for 11 home office design ideas.

# 1. Create a multipurpose room divider

Acrylic sheet is ideal to use as a room divider. You can write on it with whiteboard markers or chalk, stick post-its on it and kit come in a vast range of colours. Would you rather have a mobile planter as a room divider? If this option sounds appealing, take a look at our DIY room divider planter made of brushed Alupanel.

Room divider memo board
room divider planter with wheels

# 2. Create homemade perspex desk accessories

A pen holder, a mailbox and a business cardholder are all handy items for your home office desk. Take a break while working from home to make your desk accessories using acrylic sheet. Fun to do and not at all difficult. And there are plenty of colours of acrylic to choose from! Read our step by step instructions in our DIY: Desk Accessories.

Perspex office accessories

Foto: Ich designer

acrylic office accessories

Foto: Ich designer

# 3. Decorate your home office with a mosaic

Alupanel or Dibond® is a special type of plastic, available in an array of custom colours. Thanks to the luxurious appearance of this material and because it is easy to work with, you can use it to create very beautiful mosaics. Combine different colours and strips of Alupanel and cover a wall of your home office with it. The result is amazing. Prefer a sleek, sophisticated look? Go for a mosaic of brushed aluminium or black Alupanel.

ACP wall cladding

# 4. Create a wallpaper panel for your home office decor

Wallpaper panels are available in all shapes and sizes. But did you know that you can easily make a wallpaper panel yourself to personalise your home office? Foamed PVC is the best material for making a DIY wallpaper panel. And if you want to change your decor, you can alter the wallpaper panel easily. Tips for making your wallpaper panel can be found in our DIY: Make your own wallpaper panel.

DIY wall panel

# 5. Hang a whiteboard or memo board

You can create a wide variety of whiteboards or memo boards using acrylic sheet or Alupanel. For example, you could take a sheet of transparent perspex and fix it to a coloured wall using spacers. Draw a grid with the days of the week and you have a very useful weekly planner. You will find instructions on how to make a memo board in our DIY: Make your own memo board and whiteboard from Alupanel.

transparent weekly planner

Whiteboard made of ACP

# 6. Decorate your home office with a homemade coat rack

If you often receive customers or guests in your home office, a coat rack is essential. In this DIY, we show you how you can easily make an acrylic coat rack yourself. Match the colour of your coat rack to the rest of your interior or go for a transparent coat rack and place it on a coloured wall.

DIY acrylic coat rack

# 7. Protect your home office desk with an acrylic table protector

Do you love keeping your home office desk clean and beautiful? Then it’s handy to be able to protect your desk with an acrylic table protector. You can also opt to protect just part of your desk and use the perspex as a desk pad. This prevents pen marks or other stains from spoiling your desk.

decorating home office

# 8. Go for a shelf desk in your home office

Don’t have that much space in your home office? Then an HPL shelf desk is a great solution. You can easily make one yourself. We saw the HPL to the size you need for free. A HPL shelf desk is sturdy, durable and easy to clean. Discover how to mount the desk invisibly for a professional-looking result in our blog: How to make a desk from HPL.

HPL desk

# 9. Make an acrylic laptop holder

A tilted laptop holder is ideal if you want to look at your screen comfortably while sitting at your desk. Making your own acrylic laptop holder is a simple job and a fun DIY for your spare time. How do you do it? Order an acrylic sheet large enough to place your laptop on. Then mark the sides that you will bend. Cut a sloping piece of acrylic on both sides. This ensures that your laptop will tilt forward. Then you can bend the sides. Tips for bending acrylic can be found in our blog: Bending plexiglass.

Tip: would you rather make a tablet holder? You can read how to do this in our blog: Making a tablet stand from acrylic sheet.

acrylic laptop holder

# 10. Create a luxury tray for lunch

Especially if your home office is in the attic or first floor, this perspex tray is a real must-have. You can make one yourself from acrylic in no time. With opal white acrylic and gold handles, you create a luxurious look. Of course, you can also use your homemade tray to bring a personalised touch to your home office with a vase of flowers or a scented candle.

acrylic tray

# 11. Give your home office a makeover with plants

Plants have been proven to have a positive effect on our mood. So make sure you have plenty of greenery in your home office and show them off in a set of matching homemade planters. You can make very attractive and original statement pieces from acrylic sheet. Choose from a range of colours ranging from gold mirrored to matte black.

acrylic planter

More small home office ideas?

In our blog section, you will find more than enough inspiration to give your home office a new look. Are you keen to get started? Take a look at our range of acrylic, Alupanel, HPL and foamed PVC sheets. We offer all types of plastics in various colours and thicknesses. Not sure about the thickness you need? Consult our free thickness aid. Don’t forget, we saw all panels to size for you free of charge and you will receive your order as soon as possible.

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