Exterior cladding panels

The brand Trespa® is commonly associated with exterior cladding panels. There is no other sheet material on the market that has such a strong reputation for durability, versatility and creativity. Trespa® and HPL sheets are a choice material for exterior cladding in both residential and non-residential construction. The sheets are often applied on larger scale for their esthetic element, but they are also well-suited to cover smaller areas. For example, to replace wooden fascia’s, woodwork around gutters and trims.

Characteristics of HPL and Trespa® exterior cladding panels

Trespa® is made of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) material. The sheets have a very dense core with a rock-hard synthetic resin surface making them unpliable and exceptionally tough. Due to the molecular density of the top layer, dirt, algae and grime will hardly stick to the surface of the sheet. The same goes for paint and graffiti. This is one of the reasons why HPL is so useful as a vandalism proof material. Trespa® sheets consist of two core materials: craft paper and wood fibres. These materials are impregnated with synthetic resin and compressed into the desired form, this process creates the dense and compact core of the sheets. The next step is applying the top layers. These layers contain decorative coloured paper. This paper is impregnated with melamine resin and compressed under high pressure, resulting in a top layer that is about 0.8 mm thick. Both sides of the sheet are covered with these top layers. Again, the materials are compressed under high pressure and high temperature until one (laminated) sheet comes out. When it comes to the characteristics of the material, such as strength, there is not much difference between the HPL sheets of different manufacturers.

In our range you will find two versions of HPL sheets: our private label HPL and Trespa® HPL sheets. With regards to quality, there are no differences. The main distinction lies in the price. The private label HPL sheets are more competitively priced and we stock a larger range of sheet thicknesses and colours. The white HPL sheets come in a sheet thickness ranging from 3 till 20 millimetres, whereas the 14 coloured sheets are all 6 mm thick. When it comes to Trespa® sheets, you can choose from three colours in 6 or 8 mm thickness.


The private label HPL sheets are available in thicknesses:

3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm.