HPL vs Trespa®: what's the difference?

If you’re wondering about the differences between HPL and Trespa®, the quick answer is that there aren’t any. HPL stands for high-pressure laminate, and Trespa® is simply a brand name for this type of sheet material. In our webshop, we offer both Trespa® and our own brand HPL sheets. They have precisely the same properties; the main difference lies in the options within each range.

HPL sandwich panels

HPL panels were initially developed for outdoor applications, such as wall cladding. These sheets are therefore resistant to weather and can withstand rain and UV radiation very well. Because they’re waterproof and very low maintenance, you’ll often see them used in hygienic environments such as hospitals and food production areas.

How is HPL made?

HPL panels consist of several layers of wood fibres mixed with resin. These layers are compressed at a high temperature and under high pressure. This process results in a sheet with a hard central core. An outer layer is then added on both sides. The result is a robust, scratch-resistant sheet that can last for years.

HPL Trespa
Trespa vs HPL

Range of HPL vs Trespa® panels

We offer an extensive range of our own brand range of HPL panels. You can choose from nine different thicknesses:

HPL 3 mm
HPL 4 mm
HPL 5 mm
HPL 6 mm
HPL 8 mm
HPL 10 mm
HPL 12 mm
HPL 15 mm
HPL 20 mm

As well as the different thicknesses, you can choose from fifteen colours, including white, black, grey, brown, yellow, red, blue and green. Both sides of these panels are coloured. They are 6 mm thick and have a slightly textured surface.

Range of Trespa® panels

Trespa® is the most well-known manufacturer of HPL panels. This brand is so famous that HPL panels from other makes are often referred to as Trespa®. Therefore, the brand name has become a generic name, in the same way that we often refer to vacuum cleaners as Hoovers. Our range includes Trespa® panels in six different colours: white, black, anthracite, green, grey and cream. These panels are coloured on one side only and have a thickness of 6 mm. The maximum sheet size of Trespa® panels is 305 cm x 153 cm.

Outdoor toy box HPL
Balcony HPL

An overview of the Trespa Meteon® and Izeon® ranges

The wide range of Trespa® panels is subdivided into different product lines. These include Trespa® Meteon®, Trespa® Izeon®, Trespa® Athlon® and Trespa® Toplab® panels. In our range, we stock Trespa® Izeon® panels, which are particularly suitable for simple exterior sections, and Trespa® Meteon®, which have been specially developed for outdoor applications.

Order custom-cut HPL panels

Order your HPL panels directly in our webshop, and they will be delivered to you as soon as possible. We’ll saw both our own brand HPL and Trespa® panels to the exact size you require for free. Like to find out more? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.