11 cheap garden DIY ideas

Spring’s just around the corner! We can’t wait to spend time outdoors again, soaking up the sunshine or relaxing in the shade. Is your garden or balcony looking a bit run down, and could it do with a makeover? Here are 11 cheap homemade garden decoration ideas to refresh your garden (or your balcony) for spring!

# 1 Freshen up your garden table – with a new tabletop

Could your garden table do with a makeover, or do you just want to give it a unique look? With a plastic tabletop, you can create a whole new look for your garden table in no time. Whether you opt for acrylic sheet or HPL, we cut all panels to size for you in any shape you like, from a circular tabletop to an oval. All you have to do is to attach the panel. Read how to do it in the DIY blog: “Acrylic tabletop for your garden table.”

Tip: Ready for a new garden table that won’t break the budget? Check out how to make this pallet coffee table yourself!

Plexiglas table top garden table scaled

# 2 Customise your garden with homemade planters

The natural way to create the ultimate feeling of spring in your garden is to add plants. This brushed Alupanel garden divider planter is a real statement piece for any garden. Alupanel is UV resistant and also suitable for outdoor use. Read our DIY: “Room divider planter” to find out how to make your own.

Maybe you’d prefer something smaller or simpler? Make this planter from acrylic sheet! It’s easy to make a unique acrylic planter in any colour you like and with dimensions that fit in your garden or on your balcony. We saw the panels to size for you, so all you have to do is glue it. Not only fun to make, but the result is also robust and durable. Would you rather place this beautiful planter indoors? Of course, it looks equally stylish in a living room or conservatory.

Nice garden ideas mobile planter

# 3 Keep it dry – under your homemade patio canopy

Come rain or shine, when spring’s here, you just want to be able to sit outside. In our blog “DIY: Make your own patio cover,” we explain how to make a simple patio cover at home from polycarbonate. In the winter, you can use the canopy as extra storage space or – for real die-hards – you can still sit under it snuggled up with a blanket and patio heater. And if you don’t have room for a canopy, but you need, for example, a shelter to keep bikes dry? You can make a bicycle shelter as in the example below.

# 4 Enjoy a drink – served on an acrylic tray.

Of course, spring also means sipping a nice cool drink in the sunshine. Garden furniture can easily get stained by spilt drinks, but not if you use this acrylic drinks tray! Anyone can tackle this DIY project. Simple, but with a sleek, stylish result. Of course, you can make it to suit your own taste and match it to your garden furniture colour if you prefer. We cut all the acrylic to size in any shape you like.

Cute garden ideas hocker tray of plexiglass

# 5 A bigger garden – with a garden mirror on the wall

Does your fence need freshening up? Or do you want to spruce up the wall of an old shed? Hanging a garden mirror is an attractive solution. By making it yourself from mirrored acrylic, you won’t break the budget – and you also have a fun DIY to look forward to. Finish your mirror with a beautiful wooden frame. And last but not least – a garden mirror makes your garden look bigger! A good enough reason to make one yourself.

garden mirror header

# 6 Tidy up your garden with a garden cushion box/toy box made from HPL

We think this is ideal for anyone with kids: a homemade waterproof outdoor toy box made from HPL. This box keeps your outdoor toys dry from any April showers or summer downpours. Toys are permanently close at hand, and you don’t have to drag things from the indoors to outside and back again. And a useful toy box like this also keeps your garden tidy. Don’t need a toy box? This box is also very suitable to use as a garden cushion box or as a parcel box.

Nice garden ideas storage box garden cushions in garden with flap open

# 7 Fresh vegetables from your garden – create your own greenhouse

Strawberries, fresh cherry tomatoes and a container for herbs! Growing your own vegetables may sound like a distant dream, but you can always start small. A little skill – and green fingers, of course – are all you need. Read how to make your own greenhouse in our blog “DIY: Making a greenhouse yourself” with transparent acrylic sheet.

Prefer to start by making a simple propagator? Discover how to make a plastic propagator in 5 easy steps.

Cute garden ideas create planter end rsult with plants close up
Build a DIY acrylic greenhouse

# 8 Hot tub under the stars – with canopy for your jacuzzi

Are you lucky enough to have a hot tub in the garden? It’s an excellent idea to install a canopy over it. With a jacuzzi canopy made of clear polycarbonate, you can enjoy watching the stars at night. Discover how to make your own in 5 steps in our blog: “How to make your own jacuzzi canopy in 5 steps.”

Nice garden ideas jacuzzi canopy make it yourself

# 9 Bird watching in your garden – make a DIY PERSPEX® birdhouse

It’s a myth that you only need to feed birds in winter. On the contrary, you should feed birds all year round in case they run short of their favourite foods. With this lovely see-through birdhouse, you’re not only giving the birds a helping hand, but you can also admire them while they’re feeding. Learn how to make it with step by step instructions: “Making a bird feeder house from PERSPEX®”.

Cute garden ideas birdfeeder make endresult

# 10. Enjoying the garden with your cat – with a cat run

For anyone who has an indoor cat: a cat run is an ideal way to enjoy the garden with your cat without your pet being able to run away. The advantage of making your own cat run is that you can tailor it entirely to your requirements. Small, large, or gigantic – anything’s possible! Read our blog “Making a cat run in your garden” for more inspiration.

Cute garden ideas cat run make in garden plexiglass

# 11. Replacing the windows of your garden shed

Refurbishing an old garden shed can really transform your garden. Give it a lick of paint and take a look at the condition of the windows. Are the windowpanes discoloured? With cut-to-size PERSPEX®, your summerhouse windows will look as good as new again. Replacing the windows is a breeze with the tips from our DIY blog “Replacing shed windows.”

Cute garden ideas garden house windows old


Nice garden ideas garden house windows replaced with plexiglass


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