Trespa® cladding

Trespa® is widely recognised as a household name in the area of maintenance-free exterior cladding. This Dutch manufacturer has a solid reputation in the field of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) cladding panels, so much so that HPL panels from competitors are also referred to as ‘Trespa®’. The success of this manufacturer can be explained by the quality of the products, the wide variety of colours, finishes, structures and types of panels. In both residential and non-residential building, Trespa® has gained a reputation as a fully-fledged substitute for stone and wood in facades. In this article, we provide more information about the Trespa® product range.

From facade finishing to wall cladding

Trespa® is a High Pressure Laminate, so-called because it is a laminated plate that is compressed under high pressure and temperature. This production process makes the sheet impermeable to moisture and dirt, and that is precisely the product properties that are important for an exterior sheet material that must withstand all kinds of weather. Thanks to its special development, HPL panels are therefore very suitable for outdoor use. They were first used in the 1980s, as a replacement for smaller wooden façade parts. Think of plastic boards around a garage or fascias and soffits on a roof. Builders and designers gradually became accustomed to this new sheet material, and it was being used more and more often and in ever larger surfaces. Complete gables were finished with Trespa® cladding panels. An important reason for this is the fact that Trespa® is virtually maintenance-free. You can clean Trespa® with ordinary household cleaning products and an annual cleaning is enough to keep the Trespa® façade covering looking good for a long time. Moreover, it does not have to be painted and it keeps its colour for decades. Trespa® offers a 10-year guarantee on the Meteon® products.

Trespa® has continued to evolve, and over the years the product range has expanded enormously. New colours were developed, different types of top layers appeared (matt, shiny), different structures appeared for the top layers, metallic colours were introduced and highly realistic wood motifs appeared. The latest developments are the Pura NFC® strips, these façade panels resemble wooden planks and are indistinguishable from the real thing. In the past decades, Trespa® has grown from being a replacement to a fully-fledged, and very popular building material.

Trespa® Meteon® developed specially for exteriors

Trespa® has a special product line for exterior cladding: Trespa® Meteon®. Trespa® Meteon sheets are currently available in 67 different uni colours and there are currently fourteen metallic colours available. Despite the relatively small number of metallic colours, there are endless possibilities with these options. Take a look at our Top 5 Trespa® applications, where you will find a good example, La Place in Houten. The architect only used one metallic colour for this façade, but nevertheless, the variation of shades is endless. This has everything to do with the installation of the cladding panels and the position of the sun. Thanks to the constantly changing light, this Trespa® façade is never the same from one day to the next.

A natural look with Trespa® sheets

Trespa® sheets are also available with different motifs: the Wood Decors and the Naturals. The name says it all, the Wood Decors are true-to-life wood motifs. The Trespa® Meteon® range has 32 wood motifs with shades ranging from white – beige – light brown – dark brown – black. There are also natural reds and shades of grey. A key feature of the Wood Decor sheets is that they also look like wood close up, with a very convincing appearance. The big advantage over the real wood is the long lifetime and low maintenance. Not one type of wood can survive for 40 years without any maintenance, let alone without deforming or discolouring.

Trespa® Naturals reflect natural materials such as ceramics, stone colours and metals. The range includes twelve Naturals, including terracotta, quartz, basalt, patinated copper and oxidised steel. These Naturals are available for Trespa® Meteon® sheets and are primarily intended for non-residential buildings of high-quality architecture. However, they are also very suitable for the exteriors of new homes.

Various finishes for Trespa exterior cladding

Trespa® exterior panels are available with different top layers, but not every top layer is available for every colour. The top layers determine the shine and the texture. The Wood Decors and Naturals are exclusively supplied with a matte top layer, otherwise, the look and feel would not match the natural material. In addition, the Wood Decors and the Uni colours are available in satin gloss. The Rock finish is available in combination with metallic and uni colours.

Easy online ordering

It is clear why Trespa® exterior cladding is so incredibly popular. There is a vast array of variation and possibilities, and you can read more about the available sheet sizes and the required sheet thicknesses in the Trespa® blog. Moreover, the use of Trespa® wall cladding is also ideal for DIY projects. In our DIY blogs, you can read all about sawing, gluing, assembling and maintaining Trespa® sheets. We recommend the use of Bostik mounting kits and HPL screws for mounting Trespa® sheets. The most popular Trespa® colours and textures are always in stock, and you can order the sheet pre-cut to size in our webshop. Your order will be cut to size for free and delivered within 48 hours. All the requirements to glue the plastic are also available in our webshop.