3 mm aluminium composite panel gloss white RAL 9003

3 mm aluminium composite panel gloss white RAL 9003

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This white aluminium composite sheet is 3 mm thick and has one matt and one gloss side. The material is easy to handle and suitable for alterations such as drilling, sawing and milling. Additionally, aluminium composite sheets are UV resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. A protective film covers both sides of the sheet to protect it during transport and handling. The sheet will be cut to size before delivery.
  • Aluminium composite panel white RAL 9003 (this is a colour indication; our sheets are not bound to RAL colours)
  • Maximum sheet size: 305 x 150 cm
  • The sheet has one matt and one gloss side
  • Both sides of the sheet are covered by a protective film


  • Exterior cladding, fascia boards, displays and billboard.


  • Lightweight material, rigid sheet material, easy to handle, UV and weather resistant.


  • Sawing, milling, gluing and drilling.


Afmetingen Paneel
Dikte Paneel (mm) 3
Dikte Aluminium (mm) 0.3 (/EuroACP 0.26 mm)
Standaardafmetingen 1500 x 3050
Toelaatbare maatafwijkingen
Dikte (mm) – 0 + 0.2
Breedte (mm) ± 2
Lengte (mm) ± 3
Diagonaal (mm) ± 5
Thermische Uitzetting 2.4mm/m @100°C Temperatuurverschil
Dikte Aluminium (mm) ± 0.02
Oppervlakte eigenschappen
Verfdikte (micron) 20
Potloodhardheid >HB
Sterkte van Deklaag 3T
Weerstandstemperaturen -50°C to +90°C
Slagsterkte (kg cm2) 50
Kokend-water bestendigheid Geen verandering na 2 uur kokend water
Zuurbestendigheid Oppervlak ondergedompeld in 2% HC1 gedurende 24 uur, geen verandering
Alkalibestendigheid Oppervlak ondergedompeld in 2% NaOH gedurende 24 uur, geen verandering
Oliebestendigheid Oppervlak ondergedompeld in 20% motorolie gedurende 24 uur, geen verandering
Oplosmiddelbestendigheid 100 keer schoongemaakt met Dimethylbenzeen, geen verandering
Schoonmaakbestendigheid >1000 keer zonder verandering
Afbladsterke 180. >5 Newton/mm
Gewicht (Kg m2) 3.8
Geluidsabsorptie NRC 0.05
Geluiddemping Rw db 24
Waterabsorptie in % per volume 0.01
Termisch rendement R waarden 0.0057
Samenstelling kern LDPE Polyethyleen
Brandgedrag Klasse 1 BS476 PT7 / Klasse 0 BS476 P16
Aluminium composite panel gloss white RAL 9003

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