What ACP / Dibond® colours are there?

It’s quick and easy to create very beautiful effects with ACP / Dibond® sheets. Transform a drab system ceiling into an eyecatching feature with coloured ACP. White Dibond® is ideal for making a useful whiteboard for the study or office. If you want to brighten up a boring wall, ACP is an excellent choice. In this blog, discover the Dibond® colours available in our range. We’ll also give you a few ideas on how to use this sheet material.

Coloured ACP sheets for your suspended ceiling

If you have a plain suspended ceiling that could do with brightening up, simply replace the panels with ACP sheets to create a fashionable decorative feature. Whether you opt to replace all the panels or just a few. Coloured aluminium composite panels are ideal for a quick and effective makeover.

Tip: For a chic, monochrome suspended ceiling, replace the panels with black or grey Dibond® or ACP sheets.

ACP colours

RAL colours dibond

Creating a mosaic effect with coloured ACP

Cover a wall or cupboard with different sized ACP sheets in various sizes to create a spectacular mosaic effect. Transform a standard white cupboard door or a plain white office wall into a stunning feature.

Brushed Dibond®/ ACP as a kitchen splashback

If you love the look of high-end kitchens in sleek stainless steel but are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, opt for ACP sheet in brushed aluminium. This has the appearance of expensive stainless steel but is much stronger as well as cheaper. Even better: Alupanel is heat- resistant, impact-resistant and is very easy to clean, so is ideal for the kitchen.

DIY whiteboard

Whether for the office, study or kitchen, it’s easy to make a handy DIY whiteboard using white Dibond®. The size of the whiteboard is entirely up to you – don’t forget, we saw the panels for you for free. For step by step instructions, view our DIY: whiteboard made from ACP.
>h2>Customise an Ikea children’s play kitchen

The Ikea Duktig children’s toy kitchen has found a home with many families. But did you know how easy it is to transform this basic toy kitchen into a showstopper? Give it a little pizazz with a back wall made of coloured ACP or add an extra dimension of fun by using white gloss Dibond®/ACP to turn the back wall into a whiteboard. The kids will love writing or drawing what’s on the menu!

milling coloured acp

Order coloured ACP cut to size

All 3mm thick ACP sheet colours can be ordered to measure. We keep all the most popular colours in stock and we’ll saw the sheets for you for free. Your order will be shipped within 1-5 working days.

Looking for more inspiration for using coloured ACP?

View our blog for more fun DIY ideas using Dibond®/ACP. If you have questions about these projects or about any of our products, please contact us on tel:0122-3976701 or send us an email.

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