DIY house numbers

Would you like to make stylish DIY house numbers that suit the style of your home? Give your front door a designer touch with free-standing, separate numbers made of acrylic. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can easily make house numbers yourself from acrylic sheet or Alupanel / Dibond®.

Supplies for making your own house number sign:

Make your own house number sign: the basics

The first thing to decide when making your house number is which material to use. Choose a colour to suit your taste and determine what size your house number should be. Are you going for coloured acrylic? Do you like the look of aluminium sandwich panels, or do you fancy stainless steel house numbers? In our webshop, you’ll find a wide range of materials suitable for making house numbers. We laser cut all figures for you in whatever size you like. Use special spacers to mount your house number (s) neatly or attach them using a sealant adhesive. Do you have a two-digit house number? Why not link them neatly side by side at the front door!

Making house numbers housenumber 5 dibond attached to wall

DIY acrylic house number plate ideas

Matte black house numbers, white glossy house numbers or coloured house numbers: when you’re talking about house number plates in acrylic, the possibilities are endless! Work out the thickness and size you need, and we’ll laser cut the figures to the millimetre. You can mount your acrylic house numbers using spacers or by glueing them, as shown in the example below with house number 8. Are you attaching your house number with adhesive? Be sure to use double-sided tape to hold your house number in position until the adhesive forms a strong bond.

Tip: would you prefer to make a nameplate from acrylic sheet? Read our blog: Making a DIY acrylic nameplate.

Making house numbers assemble with sealant

Making an aluminium house number

Aluminium sandwich panels, also known as Alupanel / Dibond®, are ideal for making house numbers for your front door. House numbers in this material give a luxurious look. For example, choose a house number plate with a stainless steel look and house numbers made of brushed aluminium for an eye-catching effect. Silver house numbers look equally effective. Alupanel house numbers can also be attached with spacers as well as with sealant adhesive. See how to do it in the images below.

House number making spacers attachment
House numbers make spacers attach with sealant
Making house numbers spacers with screw fixing

Ordering plastic house numbers

Would you like to make your own acrylic house number plaque? The first step is to order house numbers online. In our webshop, you’ll find all kinds of plastic sheets perfect for making house numbers to suit your home. Choose your material and use our panel configurator to let us know which number you would like to order and the measurements. Have you made your own house number plate design? Please upload your DXF file, and we’ll saw your house number plate accurately to the millimetre.

plate configurator

Order house numbers cut to size

Shape text
Making house numbers plate configurator house number 7