5 suspended ceiling ideas

Do you want to update a plain and boring white suspended ceiling in your office or bathroom? Suspended ceiling panels made of plastic sheet are ideal for refurbishing a suspended ceiling and are an easy way to give it a complete makeover. In this blog, we suggest five affordable suspended ceiling ideas.

# 1. Create a stylish look with suspended ceiling light panels

Give your suspended ceiling a fashionable look by adding LED panels and tinted acrylic sheet. Choose from frosted, red, blue, yellow or green-tinted acrylic. All you have to do is order 3 mm thick acrylic ceiling panels in the same size as your present ceiling panels, and we’ll cut them to measure for you free of charge. To create this illuminated suspended ceiling, replace your suspended ceiling tiles with translucent acrylic and place an LED panel over it.

System ceiling pimping led panels
Pimping system ceiling plexiglass led panels

# 2. Create a suspended ceiling that looks like stainless steel with Alupanel

Brushed Alupanel sheets look just like stainless steel and transform a dull suspended ceiling with a sleek new look. Replace your suspended ceiling with our 3 mm thick brushed aluminium panels. The matt aluminium look of these panels creates a futuristic ambience.

# 3. Update your suspended ceiling with coloured Alupanel tiles

Replace all or part of your suspended ceiling with gloss and coloured Alupanel to give it a refreshing look immediately. We offer these panels in an array of colours, from deep blue to vivid orange, so you can choose a shade to complement your interior decor.

customised supended ceiling coloured acp
Suspended ceiling with coloured panels

# 4. Go monochrome with black suspended ceiling tiles

Love the monochromatic look? A black gloss suspended ceiling is ultra-stylish! Our gloss/matt acrylic sheets in satin ebony are matt on one side and high gloss on the other, so you could alternate matt and gloss to create a stunning effect.

# 5. Keep it simple with white acrylic suspended ceiling tiles

In our webshop, you’ll find endless options for customising a suspended ceiling. Browse our selection of tinted acrylic sheets and coloured Alupanel sheets and choose your favourite shade. We’ll saw all the panels to size for you in any shape you require and ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible. If you have a question about this blog or any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.