DIY: Room divider planter

A room divider planter is an ideal way to create a partition that is both stylish and functional. For example, use it as a partition between workplaces, school canteens, care institutions or waiting rooms. In this DIY, we’re going to show you how to make a large mobile planter that you can use as a space divider both indoors and outdoors.

You’ll need:

Necessities room divider planter

The base of your room divider planter

In this demo, we’re making a planter measuring 100 cm high x 120 wide x 30 cm deep. Because we are going to ‘fold’ the aluminium panel around the frame and we want to mount the wheels invisibly, the frame must be smaller at both the top and bottom.

Step 1: Make a frame for your mobile planter

To determine the dimensions of your frame, it’s helpful to know in advance what you want to use your mobile planter for. Fix the frame firmly at the top and bottom so that you can mount the wheels and easily place plants in it.

Frame room divider planter

Step 2: Order your Alupanel

The advantage of Alupanel is that if you saw this material correctly, it is possible to fold it. This gives a neat result. In our webshop, you will find Alupanel in different colours and finishes. Choose a colour that suits your interior decor and we’ll saw the panel to size for you free of charge.

Step 3: Cut your Alupanel sheet

Adjust the depth of your router or circular saw to 75% of the thickness of the Alupanel. Because we’re using a 3 mm thick aluminium panel in our example, we’ll saw a 5 mm wide slot. Cut the width up to 2 x the thickness of the panel and leave the protective film in place while cutting.

Cutting acp for room divider planter
cutted slot in acp

Step 4: Cover the frame of your mobile planter

Remove the protective foil from the aluminium panel and place it under your frame with the cut side up. Place lines of adhesive on the parts to be glued and ‘fold’ the aluminium panel around the frame. Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly before using your mobile planter.

Room divider planter folded
aluminium panel folded
folded acp room divider planter

Step 5: Attach wheels under your planter

Without wheels, you won’t be able to move your planter. Buy a set of wheels from your local hardware store and attach them to the underside. After a few hours, the adhesive will have hardened and you can start using your rolling planter box.

Attaching wheels under your planter
diy room divider planter

More planter box ideas: an outdoor planter divider

Want to make a divider planter for the garden? Alupanel is ideal for this project as it’s UV resistant and suitable for outdoor use. That’s why this plastic sheet material is also often used for billboards.

Order Alupanel for your planter divider

Did our DIY inspire you to get started and make a planter divider yourself? Order your Alupanel / Dibond® sheet direct from our webshop and we’ll saw the sheet tailor-made for you free of charge.

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