IKEA play kitchen hack

Here’s another great IKEA hack for you! Most kids and parents will be familiar with the IKEA children’s kitchen. If you don’t spot it in the living room, you’ll find this wooden kitchen set in the nursery. What makes this kids’ kitchen so great is that it’s cheap and easy to customise it. In this super simple DIY blog, we’re going to show you how to extend the back of your IKEA Duktig kitchen using a whiteboard of acrylic sheet.

What you’ll need for your IKEA play kitchen makeover:

IKEA play kitchen hack supplies

IKEA play kitchen

The basis for your IKEA Duktig hack

For our IKEA hack, we’re first going to measure the back of the children’s kitchen. Make sure you measure correctly. The measurements of the kitchen that we use in this DIY are:

  • Upper back panel 65.6 cm wide x 17 cm high
  • Lower back panel 63.9 cm wide x 36.9 cm high

In our IKEA toy kitchen upcycle, we’re using white acrylic sheet 3 mm, but white Alupanel 3 mm is equally suitable.

IKEA play kitchen hack measure

Step 1: Order your acrylic sheet cut to size

After you have measured the backs of your IKEA children’s kitchen, order the white acrylic sheet. We’ll cut the sheets for you for free.

Step 2: Attach the acrylic sheets

Has your acrylic been delivered? Now you can get started and attach the plexiglass sheets to the back of your IKEA kitchen. Remove the foil on the side of the acrylic sheet where you are going to apply your tape. Stick the double-sided tape on the sheets and position them in the right place. If you need it to be sturdier, use a few dots of Bostik mounting glue as well as the double-sided tape.

IKEA play kitchen hack remove protective film from acrylic sheet
IKEA play kitchen hack apply double sided tape
IKEA play kitchen hack double sided tape
IKEA play kitchen hack apply adhesive
IKEA play kitchen hack press the acrylic sheet
IKEA play kitchen hack remove foil from acrylic sheet

Step 3: Get creative with the whiteboard markers

Your IKEA Duktig children’s kitchen can now be used from both sides. Grab the whiteboard markers and release your creativity. For example, you can turn it into a lovely cake stall or fish and chip shop. Another bonus: older brothers and sisters can get involved with our IKEA Duktig kitchen hack by helping with the drawing.

IKEA play kitchen hack

Tip: Clean your children’s kitchen whiteboard regularly with Burnus plastic cleaner. Dry it with a microfibre cloth and this will keep it looking white and glossy.

Ordering white acrylic sheet online

Has our DIY blog inspired you to customise your IKEA kitchen? You’ll find everything you need in our webshop, including white Plexiglass and white Alupanel in a range of thicknesses. We’ll cut the sheets to size for you for free and despatch them within 24 hours.

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