Five important properties of ACP

ACP comes in a wide range of colours, designs and thicknesses and is ideal for printing. Anyone who chooses ACP has opted for a hardwearing material that also looks beautiful! But what are the properties of ACP? In this blog, we will highlight five important properties and tell you everything you need to know about using ACP panels.

1. ACP is weather resistant

ACP keeps its good looks whatever the weather throws at it. The material is UV-resistant and waterproof and can withstand sun, rain and frost. Thanks to these properties, ACP is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Options include exterior cladding, billboards and decor and stand construction.

ACP wall cladding

2. ACP is light in weight

An important property of ACP is that the material is very light while also being strong and durable. This makes ACP panels very suitable for covering your carport or for replacing the side panel of your dormer window.

3. ACP is easy to clean

All you need to clean ACP is a microfibre cloth and a little Burnus anti-static cleaner. This prevents static charge from the material and stops it from attracting dust. And because ACP is so easy to clean and moisture-resistant, the material is ideal as a kitchen splashback. Marks and splashes are wiped away in an instant. Read more about it in the blog: “Cleaning ACP: do’s and don’ts”.

ACP kitchen splashback
ACP properties

4. ACP is easy to process

With the right tools, ACP is easy to saw, join, mill, glue, paint, drill and print. Printing on ACP is particularly popular because thanks to the smooth top layer of the material, photos printed on it come out razor-sharp. For example, you’ll see a lot of white ACP used in museums for exhibiting pictures.

5. You can fold ACP

Another notable property of ACP is that if you make folding lines in it, you can fold the material around something. You can see an attractive example with this large mobile planter where we made folding lines in a brushed aluminium panel with a router.

cutting brushed acp
cutted slot in acp
ACP roomdivider
room divider planter with wheels

Order ACP for your next project

Are you planning a project using ACP? We saw the panels cut to size for you free of charge. You’ll also find adhesives and other requirements for glueing ACP in our webshop. If you have any questions about this blog or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.