8 DIY Christmas decoration ideas

Now we’re spending more time indoors, the Christmas decorations will likely be going up earlier this year. What better way to cheer yourself up than by making DIY Christmas presents and decorations? It’s simple to make festive ornaments and Christmas gifts from acrylic sheet: From DIY Christmas ornaments for the tree to an old wooden sledge transformed into a rustic cupboard, read on to discover our DIY Christmas gift ideas.

wind light acrylic final result

1. Create an acrylic lantern

Nothing says Christmas like the warm, natural glow of candlelight and a beautiful windlight made of clear acrylic creates a warm, cosy atmosphere in the home. It’s very quick and easy to make this lantern because you can order the acrylic sheets cut to size from us. Just apply a little acrylic glue on the edges and your candle holder is ready. Add a beautiful red, gold or dark green candle and place it on an attractive tray surrounded with fir branches, pine cones and other Christmas decorations. You’ll find step by step instructions in our comprehensive DIY blog: “Making an acrylic lantern“.

Acrylic bowl result 1

Acrylic bowl result 2

2. A festive bowl for your Christmas table

Perfect for a centrepiece, to put chocolates in or as a serving dish, this stylish acrylic bowl offers many different options as a DIY Christmas table decoration. It’s easy to make it yourself with the help of our blog post DIY: Make an acrylic bowl.

Table decoration result 1

3. Making acrylic napkin rings

Delight your family and friends at the Christmas dinner table with homemade napkin rings. You can easily make them from acrylic sheet in a colour that complements your Christmas decor. To create our DIY table decoration, we used grey-tinted perspex with a thickness of 3 mm. Make sure you use cast perspex rather than the extruded variant as the latter type is more difficult to machine. In our webshop, you’ll find almost exclusively cast acrylic, except for our mirror acrylic and budget acrylic sheets.

4. Create an acrylic LED lamp

Did you know that you can make beautiful LED lamps from perspex? Fun to make and they look stylish in your living room or bedroom! To start, engrave the image or text that you want to illuminate on a perspex sheet. For example, you can print out the pattern of a Christmas tree, angel or Christmas bauble and place it under the acrylic. Engrave the chosen shape or letters using a Dremel. Make a holder from a few wood battens and leave just enough space to stick an LED strip. Then slide in the acrylic sheet and your light is ready!

Watch the video below for a visual explanation:


Tip: You might also be interested in our blog about perspex lighting with LED.

5. Make DIY Christmas presents

A DIY Christmas present is thoughtful and very original. Here are a few easy DIY Christmas gift ideas for you. For example, your mum would love a homemade perspex planter or why not surprise your friend with a customised IKEA LACK table? You don’t have to be a skilled DIYer for this easy IKEA hack. We explain exactly how to do it in our blog: “Making a DIY acrylic table“. And last but not least: coasters are always appreciated as a Christmas gift.

Bath board material 1

6. Make a personalised Christmas tree decoration

Making your own tree decorations is fun, especially when it’s a personalised acrylic bauble that you can hang anywhere! All you have to do is order a ready-cut shape from our webshop: maybe a heart, circle or star. They all look beautiful on the Christmas tree or hanging on a Christmas branch. Drill a small hole for a ribbon or hook and decorate your bauble with hand lettering. You can write on it with chalk markers, engrave it or apply stickers. If you opt to engrave your ornament, you’ll highlight it beautifully if you hang it near Christmas lights. Read more about drilling acrylic sheet in our blog “How to drill acrylic“.

7. Transform your sledge into a Christmas decoration

You probably still have one stowed away in the attic or shed: a wooden sledge. Turn it into a cupboard with plenty of space to display your Christmas decor: a great way to give your sledge a new lease of life. Unless, of course, it’s a white Christmas this year! Turn your sledge upside down and order your ‘shelves’ cut to size from our webshop. Clear perspex and mirrored acrylic are equally suitable.

8. Create the ultimate Christmas atmosphere with a gold plant stand

Some people just can’t get enough bling at Christmas! If so, you’ve come to the right place with this gold plant stand. Quick and easy to make with the help of a simple IKEA Kallax cabinet and gold mirror acrylic sheet. You’ll find step by step instructions in our blog post “IKEA Kallax hack: making a gold plant stand“.

IKEA Kallax Hack pedestal

More DIY Christmas decoration ideas?

How will you decorate your Christmas table this year? In our blog “Making DIY table decorations“, you can see how to create attractive nameplates and menus for your Christmas dinner with minimal effort. A beautiful perspex tray with gold handles is another real eye-catcher for the Christmas table.

Ordering custom acrylic sheet

It’s easy to make any of our Christmas DIYs when you order custom acrylic sheet from our webshop, where you’ll find perspex in a range of different shapes, colours and thicknesses. We cut all the sheets to the size you require for free. If you need any tips for machining acrylic sheet, check out our blog section or contact us.