Acrylic glue Acrifix 192

Acrylic glue Acrifix 192

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Description Acrylic glue Acrifix 192

Acrifix 192 is an all-round acrylic glue that requires (UV) light to dry. This glue is suitable for gluing cast and extruded acrylic sheet together. Both the edges as the surface of the sheet can be glued together using Acrifix. Additionally, the glue can be used to fill up small seams and blemishes on the surface of the sheet. The glue creates an extremely strong glue joint.

Acrylic glue Acrifix 192 is a clear, colourless fluid with no enclosed air bubbles. This ensures an invisible glue joint, which makes the glue suitable for a range of applications, such as making showcases, furniture, model making and reparations. Acrifix 192 requires (UV) light to dry and harden, so using a UV-light will speed up the process. In regular conditions the glue takes about 3 hours to dry. Acrifix comes in a tube that contains 100 grams.


  • Content: 100 grams
  • Usage: approximately 40 m1 per tube


  • Suitable for acrylic and cheap acrylic
  • Suitable for filling up small blemishes in the surface of the acrylic sheet
  • Extremely suited for making showcases, small aquariums and furniture. Also applicable in model making and reparations.
  • Note: not suitable for acrylic mirror sheets.